Monday, July 14, 2014

Busy as a Bee

If we were to walk down
my driveway today,
we might stop and wonder
what was that low droning noise.

And if you stopped near this tree
 which is called a Golden Rain Tree,
and paused to look at the beautiful showy yellow flowers
 on the long stalks,
we would know where that constant buzzing sound
was originating from.

Hundreds of honey bees
 busy at work
doing what they love.

 That's how it's been for me this past week.
I've just been as busy as bee
doing what I love.
 Hope you have too!
  Until Next Time-


  1. Everdeen and I casually walked under that tree the other day and then quickly ran to the other way! ;)

  2. Love your pictures! Nature is so great! Enjoy your little blocks, they look so much fun.

  3. Beautiful tree but YIKES so many bees ! Nice blocks and I really like the fabrics you are using

  4. I've never heard of a tree like that before - it looks beautiful! I made a few 9 patches this weekend too :0)

  5. I love when the honey bees are at work! And pretty Civil War reproductions. What you got going?

  6. Golden Rain Tree! What a beautiful name for a tree! A beautiful tree too. Love your fabrics and look forward to seeing what you are making with them!

  7. Do the flowers smell good? Sure look pretty. Can't go wrong with a 9-patch - your fabrics are yummy!

  8. What a beautiful tree, I've never seen one before. Have fun buzzing around your sewing room.

  9. I have been very bee-like too!

  10. What a pretty tree. does it smell sweet? I love bees and honey bees don't sting do they?
    your 9patches are looking great!

  11. What a beautiful tree. So happy to hear it sustains your local honey bees.
    Pretty fabrics and darling little nine patches - happy sewing.

  12. Love your pictures! Happy sewing! Sil ;)