Friday, July 18, 2014

Home for the Holidays

 This week I was invited to join
a new quilt group.
I thought it would be fun to meet
some new quilters,
enjoy some new friendships,
 be exposed to some new ideas,
and be inspired by other's enthusiasm.

The group was very inviting and friendly.
Although, it's hard to be the newbie.

I was enthused right off the bat by
their next motivational idea.
Each person is to choose one, two or more
WIP's and make a commitment to to finish
them in one year.
Okay, you say, we've all done that before.
The catch is that there's a small financial
obligation, as well.
It's like, putting your money where your mouth is.

Each project = $5.00
If you complete your project, you can have
your money back,
if not, your money will be given to the local food bank.
Actually, I think everyone who did this last year
 left their money in the pot and the
group made a very nice donation.

It sounded like fun.
So I looked through my "WIP collection",
and decided to start with this pattern:

 I had even bought a kit
 back in November, 2012.
( the receipt was still in the bag.)
Really, who starts a Christmas quilt in November?
Obviously, not me.

So, in keeping with the phrase,
"Christmas in July",
I'm officially adding my money to the pot
and beginning to work on this project
Who knows,
I might get it done for this Christmas.

  Until Next Time-


  1. I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that you 'ear' back your $5 K Kyle - what a great motivator! Love that pattern.....

  2. What a great way to be motivated to complete a project ! Looking forward to watching your progress on this wonderful Christmas quilt

  3. A lovely project and totally doable! Looking forward to seeing it finished in just a few short months!

  4. Interesting motivation :0) a worthy cause too. I can't get my head into sewing for Christmas until at least late October. It looks like a great pattern - I love the alternate pieced blocks. Have fun and good luck getting it done in time!

  5. A unique idea to put money in the pot for the projects you need to finish. Piece of cake for you to get the project completed.=

  6. That is a fun bit of motivation. Love Primitive Gatherings patterns, and this is no exception. I hope you are successful! : )

  7. I hope you enjoy being part of this new group of quilters. It is always hard being the newbie. I love the project you have chosen! So good luck!

  8. Great idea and have fun with the new group! Perfect project to choose!

  9. Looking forward to seeing that kit sewn together! I'm sure it'll be wonderful. This sounds like a win/win idea! Good luck and have fun.

  10. How lovely to be in a new group of sewing friends. They certainly have fun ideas to help you get WIPs finished. I think you'll enjoy sewing such a lovely Christmas pattern, and getting to use that gorgeous stack of fabrics that came with the kit.

  11. I read once about a motivation plan where you set aside money for donation to an organization you really, really dislike. Someone else is the keeper of the cash with a promise not to listen to any excuses if the project doesn't get done. But the food back is a really lovely idea!

  12. sounds like a great challenge for a ufo. This is the perfect time to start a christmas quilt.

  13. Ha, ha, great idea, an incentive to keep you going. I do hope you get this project underway, as it looks lovely.

  14. Checking in from on the road in your chosen project - Lisa's fabrics are always nicely put together. Your new quilting buddies have come up with a win-win idea!!

  15. Great motivational idea. I like the project you have chosen to complete and have every confidence you will get it finished.

  16. What a great idea! a win-win.

  17. Such a wonderful project Kyle! Also a great charity to "fall back on".
    I look forward to following your progress on this quilt. Best Wishes!

  18. It's a win-win all around! Enjoy what's left of July.

  19. I should try it with my sewing group. It' great that you're making new friends. Your next christmas project is beautiful and this is the best time to get started. Happy stitching! Sil