Monday, July 15, 2013

Roseville Album "Back in Business"

We all do it.
We put a project away temporarily
and suddenly we realize we've abandoned it completely.
That's what I did to my applique blocks
for the Roseville Album Quilt.

I really did know it was there.
I just didn't want to pull out tons of
fabric and start auditioning for the next blocks.
I hadn't been in the mood.

I needed to look at the blocks that were done,
look at the next 4 blocks,
and then make everything jell.

The nice part was I actually had
the freezer paper templates cut and
ready to be used.

After making the initial decisions
I needed to lay the pieces out and try and get
a sense of how the individual pieces will look together.

Then I needed to see how all 4 blocks looked.
It's not always easy to tell at this point, but
it does help to see them close together.

The hardest part is just getting started,
and in applique it's starting with the pieces that
are the furthest back in the scene.
In this case, it was the circle.

Which meant the stems needed to be placed too.
That's always the trickiest and most time consuming part for me.
Because if those aren't right the rest of the block 
will be off.

One block done.
Once I got back at it,
 it didn't take too long.
Until Next Time-


  1. Wow, these blocks are amazing! I would be totally intimidated by this. You are doing a beautiful job--and what an heirloom this will be!!

  2. This is such an awesome and inspiring quilt project Kyle!
    Your applique' work is beautiful!
    I enjoy seeing pictures of the process. It's fun to see how you audition your fabrics etc.

  3. Oh my - just love your choice of fabrics - what a happy and successful balance you achieved.

  4. That looks wonderful! Love your fabrics together. Your progress must feel very sweet.:)

  5. Wow is right! Your work is paying off as its going to be "stunning"!


  6. Stunning Kyle! I have my Bird of Paradise put away, all the blocks down need to tackle the borders. Someday it will call out from the drawer :-)
    Your latest block is great ... Love for fabric choices.
    Maybe I'll get to see it in person?

  7. Such a gorgeous quilt! Refocusing, it seems to me, actually takes longer than beginning again. :) blessings, marlene

  8. I just discovered your blog. I love your repro Roseville Album!! Beautiful fabric choices. (I recognise some Dargate fabrics there) How many blocks have you finished now? I have just 7 of the 9 centre blocks done....a long way to go yet for me. Lol

  9. Oh my!!!It is GORGEOUS! I love applique, as long as someone else is doing it. I can hand quilt all day, but applique intimidates me. Yours is beautiful.

  10. I didn't know you had been working on the Roseville blocks. It is not a pattern in my stash but I have admired it many times. You have used many interesting fabrics in the blocks and have several blocks done. Love the look!