Thursday, February 14, 2013

Your Eyes Can Fool You

 Last week I added my quilt along block to 

I had worked on that block,
I had photographed that block,
I had posted about that block and
then linked it for everyone to see.

It's funny how sometimes our eyes 
see only what we want them to see.

 Notice anything?
I have a goose doing it's own thing!
Now that's all I can see when I look at this block.

Funny how I couldn't see it before.
I was going to leave it there and
have the humble thing going on,
but I just couldn't.
I got Jack the Ripper out and 
got that goose heading in the right direction.

I have kept working on this project and 
sewed a few more blocks and 
set them together side by side.
I like the secondary patterning.

I'm thinking of making a couple more blocks
for a total of 6, adding a border,
and using it as a baby quilt.

I have looked very carefully so
my eyes aren't deceived,
But sometimes you only see what
you want to see.

Until Next time-


  1. I do love that you made more blocks!! So pretty, and I don't know...I may have left that humble block there, LOL! Happy Valentine's day!

  2. Oh, I knew this block would make a great multi-block quilt! So glad you decided to do it. It is going to be glorious!

  3. I did not see the error until I read what it was. I think it would have been interesting to leave it but I probably would have changed it to had I found it in time. I did a layout in Electric Quilt of a multi-block like you are doing. It looked too busy to me. But seeing yours, I have changed my mind.

  4. Well, this makes me chuckle - and it was only one little goose gone awry! Last year my grandson's Catkin Trip Around the World quilt became a Catkin Scales the Pyramids! And even though I'd photographed that thing every step of the way and laid it out on the floor to be pinned for quilting, I never saw the mistake until it was about half quilted - arrgh! Didn't matter much anyway, he's 4 years old and likes all the trains on the back better than the front anyway! Good to see this pattern done in multiple blocks - it's really looking great!

  5. I really like this in a multiple block layout. Nice job.
    Oh, I would have had to fix it, too. It would have haunted me, if it was mine. : )

  6. I love your abundance quilt. I wanted to make one but dont have a computer at home and can't remember the dimentions by the time I get home. Lizzie

  7. Isn't that funny?! I probably would have left it, but it is so small, maybe not. It looks great with more blocks side by side!!

  8. I had to look for a couple minutes to see the renegade section - too funny! You're ambition to make more than just the one - I like it a lot!

  9. Too funny how that happens! Thanks for sewing a few more blocks...I was wondering what it would look like as a it!

  10. so funny! it took me a while to find it. I like them set block to block too -
    I'm off to the linky to see them all.