Friday, February 22, 2013

Why Do I Do That!

No matter what job you're doing,
the tools can influence the outcome.

Taking a tree down with a dull saw blade
would be impossible.
Our neighbors were having 2 giant cottonwood
trees removed.
The huge one that was between our yards
took a small part of  our little privacy fence with it.

It might refer to the adage,
 "measure twice, cut once"
Thank goodness very little damage was done.

The other day when I was rethreading needles,
I took the time to look at them carefully.

I had realized some of them were slightly bent
when I was using them.
But really,
why was I continuing  to use these
bent needles!
Cost? No
Laziness? Yes

Okay, enough.
Out with the bent ones and
in with some new straight ones.
You just have to have the right tools
to do a good job,
even if it's just a needle.

Until Next Time-


  1. better they take down the tree then it falls down!
    had to smile with the needles, I can't believe sometimes how I just keep using a needle when its bent until I finally realize its harder to get it thru the binding when its bent like that! LOL
    glad I am not alone!

  2. I've done that with needles, too. And then there is the dull rotary blade, with which I continue to cut, even though I am straining my wrist and there are several packages of new blades just a couple of feet away! : )

  3. I use bend needles WAY too long, too! And when I finally do replace them, I'm always shocked at how many are still in the little package I purchased over 15 years ago! LOL

    I always think back to pioneer days, and how the women had to bring their precious needles with them.....and they only had what they had brought! Couldn't just run out and get more! We're so lucky now!

  4. I think we all continue to use needles once they bend. It can be handy in some situations, it's when they get blunt that it gets hard! I have just changed the blade in my rotary cutter after way way too long and it is amazing the difference it has made. I don't have to saw through the fabric it just glides. I always question why it has takes me so long to do this as I normally had extra needles and blades.

  5. OMG what a big tree job!
    I bend my needles too - I'm using Boehn #10 and loving them. They aren't bending. I was going to post about them and look for more at an upcoming quilt show.