Monday, February 25, 2013

To Go or Not To Go

On Saturday evening Running Man and I were
having fun trying a new Rick Bayless recipe 
when I casually checked the weather forecast...

Winter Storm Warning!

Not a great forecast.
I needed to make a decision...
drive back to Denver in the dark,
or wait and see about the snow on Sunday.

It was an easy decision,
my instincts told me
 I needed to head back.

Driving in blizzard conditions on the interstate
isn't what I wanted to look forward.
I would have laid in bed trying to
count the snowflakes during the night.

I hated to cut my weekend at home short, but
 I repacked my unwashed laundry,
my quilty stuff,
made a quick stop for gas, 
and headed back to Denver.

Thankfully, I beat the snow and 
avoided any dangerous conditions on the highways.
I wouldn't have been so fortunate on Sunday.

The best part about snow, unless you're a skier,
is seeing it through the eyes of little children.
Don, Sanford and Elizabeth

It took longer to get everyone bundled up
than the time that they were outside.

Everyone's noses turned pink,

but we were all safe and snuggled in
waiting for the sun to come out tomorrow.

Until Next Time-


  1. I thought about you Sunday morning, wondering if you went back early!! Glad you played it safe!

  2. We got our big snow on Saturday, and Sunday was blinding with bright sunshine. Sounds like you made the right choice!

  3. I'm glad you left to avoid the blizzard,.
    Glad you are safe and sound
    sweet family photo!