Friday, December 7, 2012

Red and Green

One of the categories
of quilts that I love are the
the classic red and green appliques.

They are beautiful any season of the year,but
speak of Christmas especially during the holiday season.

Many years ago,
a group of my Quilting Buddies
decided we each need to make a
red and green applique quilt.
We each found a pattern we loved
and started stitching.

I chose this one called Love Apples.

"Love Apples"
99" x 99"

The blocks are 26 inches.
I used only 3 different fabrics 
and Kona Snow as the background.
It's as basic as you can get.

I quilted it with a basic grid pattern as a filler,
around the appliques and a small amount on the appliques 
to add a little detail.

 I used both masking tape and a hera marker to create the grid,
so I didn't have to deal with pencil lines later.

A hera marker is not a marker like you might think.

It's a hard piece of plastic, in this case,
with a curve to allow you to apply pressure and
create a narrow indented line that
you can quilt over.
I love to mark a quilt without "a mark".

I had always wanted to do a swag border.
So I decided that this quilt was going to be the one.

There was math involved,
but it wasn't too hard to adjust the length of each
swag to make it fit perfectly
and to go around the corner.

It's one of my favorite quilts,
both during the holidays and
anytime of the year.
"Happy Holidays"

Until Next Time-


  1. so lovey and timeless. I have to try that hera marker again. Your stitching is so beautiful! I just love hand quilting on a white quilt.

  2. It is so beautiful!! The swag is wonderful and your quilting very lovely! I wish I could get the hang of using a hera marker - the line always disappears on me.

  3. So beautiful, I can understand it being one of your favorites! Love the curve to the love apple. It makes it quite different. Classic!

  4. What a wonderful quilt Kyle, love apples is such a great pattern. I have a Hera marker I really should test it out.

  5. How very beautiful, Kyle!! Love this quilt!

  6. No surprise here that it may be your favorite! It is absolutely stunning!!

  7. I, too, love red and green quilts. Yours is a beauty. They are good for display any time of the year but especially during the holiday season.

    I tried the hera marker one time and was getting lines I could see. I guess I didn't really understand how to use the thing.

  8. What a beautiful classic - what a feeling to have completed an heirloom quilt.
    Very inspiring - thank you for sharing!