Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More Red and White Blocks

The final section of the 
Just Takes Two blocks was just published.

So I still have 5 more blocks to make,
but at this point there have been
95 blocks.
 With the end in sight,
I've got most of the blocks for section 4 completed.

 As always there have been some challenging blocks.
 I hand pieced this and decided to use it
as a signature block with my initials.

 I've continued to add
the redwork to the blocks

These last two are the ones
I finished this week in between
naps, bottles, stroller rides, and diaper changes

With only 5 more blocks to go,
and sewing the 4 sections together,
the decision now is
borders or no borders.

I'll have to think about that.

Until Next time-


  1. just beautiful , thank you for sharing with us
    love your rework.
    so pretty

  2. Another heirloom quilt in process. You are so amazing!

  3. looks great. the red work really is beautiful and your stitching is so well done!
    You're nearly done - looking forward to seeing what you decide about the borders.

  4. That is looking wonderful! I'm going on a little retreat the week before Christmas and am hoping to get the latest blocks done then and get the top together. You've persevered!!
    I have a hunch I won't have any borders.