Friday, December 14, 2012

It's Still Fall

Technically  it's still fall,
that is until December 21 and
the Winter Solstice.

So that means I can still 
work on a "fall quilt" and
not feel odd about doing it.

 That's my goal,
 to finish appliqueing the center section
of Midnight Silhouette.

With 21 pieces left to stitch,
I have to only do three pieces per day.

Pretty reasonable even
with my two junior helpers.
Wish me luck!

Until Next Time-


  1. Oh I love this!
    What a beautiful quilt you will have!

  2. Lot's of luck!!!:0 With the two "munchkin's" ...I think you will be on the floor playing...adorable, Kyle!!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    xoxoxo Carolyn

  3. what a sweet photo!
    You can do it! this is a great prim quilt. Love the colors.

  4. A Blackbird Designs quilt, right? One I have thought of doing but never even purchased the pattern. You have a plan and I like to do that too. Knowing what you need to stitch and how much to get it done by a certain time. Then I like to do more than necessary and get it done faster.

  5. That is really looking great!!

  6. oh I love this quilt your making its been on my list for ever! yes keep going all year so you can be done for next fall to display it! I love this picture, too cute!

  7. Great block. Love it. Have a Merry Christmas.