Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Capitol Quilt Show,2011

The Colorado Capitol building is a 
beautiful building located 
in downtown Denver.
It is located exactly a mile above sea level.

The gold dome commemorates the Colorado Gold Rush, 1858.

It's a beautiful venue for having a quilt show.

Beginning June 6 and continuing until August 19,
the Colorado Quilt Council hosts a quilt show 
that will feature 265 quilts.
It's a non-jury show so  there is
a wide variety of quilts included.

It's put on every other year and
I think, I have had a quilt entered
during each show.
The quilts are hung from the balcony's and in the
rotunda and it's color and pattern everywhere.

This year I have entered
"Antique Sunflowers with a Twist."
It's adapted from a pattern from
Edyta Sitar.

I have always loved the sunflower pattern.  This one
has a twist in the fact that the cream rays are three
dimensional folded fabric pieces.

The quilting was done by a fabulous local machine quilter, Karen A.
The feathers really do enhance the antique design.

When I get to Denver, I'll take plenty of pictures.
It's a fabulous show.
Follow the link to see what is at the show this year.
 Until Next Time-


  1. I've never been to the capital or the show, I may need to make a trip!

  2. Lovely quilt!! I went down the last two days, one day wasn't enough. Actually, you can only look through about half before your neck really hurts! This was the first year I have gone, and it was amazing. I was so inspired!!!! Yours is beautiful, incredibly beautiful quilting.