Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgivings Coming

I have never been a procrastinator.
I like to think and work ahead to avoid
 stress or anxiety.
I don't work well under pressure.

I guess my mom emphasized that attribute.
As a kid I always had my school work done
way ahead of time.

It's a trait that has stuck ever since I was young.

Well, with Thanksgiving a week away, it
means I need to start my Thanksgiving count down.

The menu is planned.
That's easy because it rarely changes.
I have a whole folder of interesting recipes, but
my family generally rejects any new ideas.
Turkey is dismissed immediately.

Next is organizing and planning a grocery list.
I have a general list that I use each year.
I just make a new copy.
I'll head off to the stores over the weekend.

Also on the weekend, I'll plan the table and
clean out the frig to make room for all the good food..
Ed will make "the Sauce".

Monday means getting out the appropriate serving dishes,
utensils, place settings, and tablecloths and napkins and 
planning a simple centerpiece.

Tuesday or Wednesday is prep day.  Making
the pie crusts, cranberries, rolls and ,I think, this year
making the ravioli's ahead.
Poor Ed always ends up away from the family making
raviolis on Thanksgiving

in the basement on his special pasta table

When it is, Thanksgiving, it will be just putting it all together
and enjoying time with family.

Our Italian menu is pretty straightforward
and allows everyone to take pleasure in the day.
It's not "the traditional" meal, but
the Redente family won't have it any other way.

Until Next Time-Kyle