Thursday, May 13, 2010

Show and Tell for May

No, today did not feel at all like May.  There's been a couple of inches on snow on the ground all day, it's cold, and there could still be a few flakes in the air until tomorrow.

A picture would be too  depressing so instead I wanted to share a couple of quilts that made me think of what the month of May should be like.
 Wiggle Giggle 2008
Brighter colors and warmer temperatures are more like May.  I made this quilt using a pattern from Karla Alexander's books, New Cuts for New Quilts.

I haven't worked a lot with batiks, but I do love them.  The pattern is a rectangle cut on the diagonal, the pieces shuffled and sewn back together. Fun and easy!
Kate's Graduation Quilt, 2003

A bit of sunshine would seem appropriate for May.  I made this quilt from a kit that I bought at the Great American Quilt Factory in Denver.  I don't buy kits too often, but this one seemed appropriate for Kate and her bright future.   I actually made two, one for Jessica as well.

The pattern is a simple square in a square.

May Flowers, 2004

May should be full of flowers.Our poor flowers look a bit bedraggled today.
Hopefully, they'll bounce back.

A close up of this quilt would reveal all flower prints. 

Some very old flower prints.  This was a great stashbuster pattern from the book, Super Simple Strip Quilts, by Nancy Smith and Lynda Milligan.  I actually made a couple of these quilts to give away and to use up some older fabrics.  I had to keep one for myself to remind me of some of those fabrics that were popular in the early 80's. The colors sure weren't as bright.

It's interesting how styles and preferences change. Having my quilts documented is a good reminder and record of how tends come and go.

Until Next Time-Kyle

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