Friday, May 7, 2010

Fabulous Friday

For today:

Looking Out My Window:  The lake is finally full.  The level of the lake fluctuates depending on the irrigation schedule.

I’m Hearing: The treadmill calling my name.

My Weekend Plans Include:  It's Mother's Day on Sunday.  I'm sure I will be honored in some way.  Oh, that's right, I'm going to Denver to help Elizabeth and Don learn about yard work and interior decorating. :-)

I’m Reading:   Tallgrass by Sandra Dallas.  It's one of her best.
Movie Marquee: Amelia and Charlotte Gray

Something Quiltie: If you like to applique, you need those baby applique pins by Clover in the cute little snap closed box.  Actually, they're perfect for a lot of pinning situations.

I’m Thinking About:  How excited Elizabeth and Don are now that they are officially homeowners.  We bought our first house in Petaluma, California in 1974.

One of My Favorite Things:  Going to the plant nursery and picking out the new tomato plants for the summer.  I got my 5 yesterday.

What I’m Planning:a visit to Jessica's classroom on Monday.  I was there in the early fall and now it's time to see how her little friends have grown and changed.

What’s For Dinner:  Bison burgers perfectly grilled.

A Favorite Photo: 

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