Monday, May 10, 2010

Hug a Teacher

Last week was Teacher Appreciation week.  If you know a teacher and didn't get a chance to say "thank you", stop reading this and give that person a call.  Right Now!

I just got back from spending the day in Jessica's classroom.  I barely dragged myself in the door, sat down, and almost had to have Ed feed me dinner.  Fortunately he cooked.

Today's teachers are amazing people, who love children, but are bashed about by the whims of the higher ups.  So much red tape, so many hoops, and so little help.

I watched Jessica today balance about 100 balls in the air at one time.  With the end of the year testing, maintaining a daily creative, challenging, and structured learning environment, meeting the needs of 23 special people, having your mother in your classroom, and no time to go to the bathroom takes a very special person to even want to do that job.

So tell a teacher "Thank You.  You truly make a difference."

Until Next Time-Kyle

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  1. thanks for all your help!!!! I think you're my biggest supporter :)