Monday, February 13, 2023

A Cross Stitch Update

 I'm very fortunate to have the
as my local cross stitch shop.
She's organized a weekly stitching group
that meets at her shop to
share project ideas, motivation
and inspiration.  

I have been stitching, sewing
and finishing a few projects both
with floss and cloth.

Yes, the Christmas holiday has
long passed, but here's a new addition
for next year.

'Joyful Scene'
Teresa Kogut

I finished the cross stitch piece as
the top of a paper mache' box
that I purchased at Hobby Lobby.

I simply used paint and 
scrapbook paper to finish the box.

 Some of the design elements 
were eliminated from the pattern
in order for it to fit the box top.

It simplified the look and 
focused on Santa and his friends.

The cording was made using the 
Krenik Cording drill and the
excellent YouTube videos

This next pattern seemed
very appropriate for the kind of
winter weather we've been having.

My daughter, who is a first grade teacher,
must have been doing a snow dance 
a couple of times because everyone shouted...

'Hurray It's A Snow Day'
Homespun Elegance
Sandra Sullivan

This was a quick stitch and
the white eyelash trim was the perfect embellishment
to finish the snowy look.

This latest finish was not a quick stitch,
but one that I enjoyed a great deal.
Lots of fill in so, it was a good
project to bring to my weekly stitching time
at the Colorado Cross Stitcher.

I finally had a frame made at Hobby Lobby 
and got the stitching mounted, 
framed and hung.

'The Gather Inn'
Plum Street Samplers
Paulette Stewart

Autumn colors are probably my favorites.
This piece had all the right elements,
pumpkins, leaves, sunflowers and
even a barn quilt pattern.

I've also been finishing up a few
quilts and those are just waiting for a 
warmer day for a photo shoot.  

Until Next Time-


  1. Lovely stitchery pieces .... I got a chuckle out of the snow day one .... every kid loves that day!

  2. Your stitches are so nice, Kyle! I have one Teresa Kogut chart that I had hoped would be a gift for my Mom's 80th birthday this year. I think that was an ambitious goal, so I'll have to think of something else. Plum Street is one of my favorite designers. I enjoyed meeting Paulette at the Silver Needle retreat last summer. She is such a sweet lady. Your FFOs are three very different techniques but all equally beautiful. And what we would do without Vonna and her tutorials?!?

  3. You've been busy! Love them all, particularly the way the pumpkins are stacked in the barn on the last one. It's great to have a dedicated space and time to move project to the finish line, isn't it?

  4. Kyle que maravillosas piezas que compartes, no puedo elegir un favorito, todos me encantan. Saludos

  5. Beautiful stitcheries! You are so fortunate to have a great shop nearby.

  6. Fun to see your excellent stitched pieces, and the creative ways you have finished them.
    And I look forward to the next photo shoot of quilts. :)

  7. Such beautiful Cross stitch patterns. I notice a lot of people are doing cross stitch work again these days. Since I started quilting 19 year's ago I am still working on one.....maybe I should finish it too.

  8. These are all delightful. Lots of fun in the Snow Day design!

  9. Such cute cross stitch pieces! And neat to see some different finishing ideas - the box finish was genius - a fun and practical way to enjoy your finished stitching!

  10. I love your cross stitch finishes. I would love to complete one cross stitch at some point. You have done such charming ones.

  11. Oh, Kyle, what beautiful cross-stitch pieces. You could open your own shop though the one you go to looks pretty fabulous. So many beautiful threads! Looking forward to your next outdoor photo shoot :)

  12. These are absolutely amazing! You are a true inspiration!

  13. Wow you have been busy! Just one of those projects would have been a lot for me, but three cross stitch pieces and quilts too? You are amazing., They are all so pretty and you finished them so nicely into usable objects.