Monday, January 23, 2023

Chasing the January Blues Away Quilt

This morning,
 I woke up to a gentle
falling snow.
It was quiet, peaceful,
and the light was soft.
It's a good day to share
what I've been working on 
as a new start for 2023.

I love this photo.
It reminds me to always keep going.

On your mark, get set, go!

Earlier this month
 I rediscovered a set of 
indigo (more a cadet blue) and shirting blocks (1890 -1910) 
that I had purchased years ago.

It was time to do
something with them or what 
was the point of keeping them in a drawer.

The hst blocks were sewn together with a combination
of hand and machine stitching.

It's interesting, I've found, that no matter
how many different vintage
machine stitched blocks I've unstitched,
 the original stitchers have wanted to use 
a very tiny stitch length. 
Was it the philosophy: 
 More is Better?

You can see here how close the stitches were
and how it almost perforates this 100+ year old fabric.

Each of the hst's measured 
about 4 inches.
I decided to cut each block into quarters and
have two smaller hst's, an indigo square and
a light square.

A simple churn dash block had all
the right elements.  

I love these fabrics.
I had enough to make 16 blocks.

Chasing the January Blues Away
32" x 32"

The blocks were set together with a 
large scale print by Betsy Chutchian. (Maria's Sky)

I had to add a repro shirting fabric as I needed more 
2 inch squares to complete the blocks.  The new
fabric coordinated with the old perfectly.

The center was machine quilted, but the 
border needed simple diagonal hand quilting
to honor those antique fabrics.

The soft winter light last week was
perfect for a photo shoot of a
 blue and white quilt
made with vintage fabrics.

"Chase the January Blues Away"
Fossil Creek Reservoir
Fort Collins, Colorado


How to be popular during  
the Great Egg Shortage of 2023.
Too funny!
Until Next Time:


  1. Your little quilt is delightful. I'm so glad you were able to put the HSTs to good use. It feels so good to use something that has been sitting around for a long time. I always look forward to January and feel sad when it is over because the busyness of the holidays has calmed down and so have the outside requests for my time. So, I can sit and sew for hours without guilt or interruption. Lovely photo of the little quilt in the frozen stillness.

  2. Beautiful quilt and such a lovely outdoor scene to display it!

  3. What a clever use of those half-square triangles. I love the new churn dash blocks, they made a darling little quilt. The snow scenery is so peaceful.

  4. You really made the most out of those vintage blocks. Wow those original stitches are just too small! The setting blocks are pretty. Another beautiful small quilt displayed outdoors, so wintery and nice. The price of eggs is just insane right now!

  5. Kyle bellísima colcha, me encanta como utilizas estos bloques antiguos, preciosa fotografía. Saludos

  6. What a gorgeous save for those vintage blocks! The old and new fabrics blended so beautifully together. The setting for the reservoir photo is perfect.

  7. What a wonderful way to use those beautiful blues. I bet the original stitcher would love what you've done with her ufo :O) Your photo at the reservoir is gorgeous!

  8. Perfect use of the antique blocks!! Oh, that egg hat made me laugh and sigh at the same time.

  9. What a great way to use up those antique blocks and making them into Churn Dash blocks (oh, be still, my heart)!

  10. Lovely quilt! I agree about the antique blocks- so good to use them! What a beautiful setting for a photo shoot.

  11. Oh, this is a beauty, Kyle! Your outdoor photo featuring your newest quilt is stunning! A perfect January quilt and a great way to use the antique blocks.

  12. This just makes my heart sing, Kyle! I love how you repurposed those old blocks. I think the original maker would be thrilled that their efforts were finally a part of something beautiful and finished, rather than hidden away and incomplete. What a lovely setting for your photo shoot.
    As always, your vintage photo finds are a hoot!
    Oh, and we awoke to about an inch of soft new snow, as well. It sure has been a snowy winter--and it's about time! :)

  13. Wonderful! I have some indigo and white antique blocks around here somewhere; I will remember your inspiration when I take them out to play!

  14. I love the way you can turn antique blocks in a pretty new quilt. January blues looks so pretty in the snow. I am so thankful we can quilt the blues of january away most of the times!

  15. Cutting down these HSTs to make your Churn Dash blocks was a brilliant idea - that way you get nice, clean edges and a completely different block. Your quilt is beautiful. Those crisp Churn Dashes are a lovely foil for that gorgeous floral print.

  16. You are the queen of re-purposing vintage blocks! Love what you've done with those blues and shirting fabrics. And the Cutchian setting squares are fabulous--wow!--the whole quilt "sings." Beautiful photo shoot, Kyle!

  17. Lovely to see these old blocks being used. Another lovely finish!

  18. You did a beautiful job blending old and new fabric. I love the block and the large scale print together! We've had practically zero snow here in CT. I am hoping for some! today is was like 50 degrees and sunny.
    Great photo shoot

  19. Oh what a gorgeous quilt! Perfect blues to keep those winter blues away! I love how you rescue old blocks and tops. Keep up the good work! Sorry to hear about your egg shortage. Guess I've been under a rock. But, then I get mine from a friend so I've been spared I guess. Enjoy the day!