Tuesday, May 31, 2022

A Dutch Treat May Mini

Welcome to
 another Monthly Mini installment. 

This month I decided to have a bit
of quilting fun with my collection of 
Dutch fabrics.

I can't really enjoy them while
they're in a pile 
on a shelf.
Why do I save them there?
Why do I save so many of my
favorite fabrics?

No more lamenting.
Here's what I did this month.

Dutch Treat
24" x32"

The pattern is from
Petra Prins and An Moonen's
book, Promenade in a Dutch Garden.

It was easy piecing
hst's together from small colorful pieces
from my treasured collection and
then using only one fabric piece for the light.

The center star

acts as a small calm medallion
surrounded by the busy chintz patterns.

I finished the edge with a  traditional Dutch
invisible binding.

In this method you finish the edge
on the top with strips that are 

then folded it to the back of the quilt and
stitched down.  Instead of stitching
I used a narrow stitch witchery on the edge
to hold it in place.

I machine quilted a simple diagonal grid 
over the top.  I didn't want the 
beautiful designs of the fabrics to be 
covered over with threads.

To make it's debut,
I headed out to the barbed wire fence.

The bright green of the spring hay made the colors pop.

"Dutch Treat" was joined by two other Dutch favorites.

It made for a sweet mini May parade

in the open field, early in the morning.

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Until Next Time-


  1. A fantastic mini. I love your collection of May minis. Hugs

  2. Just gorgeous!! It's hard to pick a favorite of these 3 Dutch Treats, but this one might be it. I love the stitch witchery idea and can't wait to try it. Makes perfect sense. I'm guessing this brings up great memories of your fabulous Netherlands visit. Thanks for another great mini!

  3. Oh, Kyle, it is always such a treat to come see what you have created. This is a beautiful "Dutch Treat"! Love the way these fabrics sing together. I, too, have a stash of Dutch fabrics (but didn't get to go to the Netherlands to get them), and I have a photo tucked in with them of something similar to this that I plan to make "one day". Your finishing method has me intrigued. And the photo of the Dutch mini parade makes me smile.

  4. Wow, I absolutely love it! It is so gorgeous without being too formal. All three quilts are just fabulous and look so great together!

  5. What a fabulous new “Dutch” quilt to add to your marvelous and growing collection! I love them all! Those fabrics are so lovely!

  6. Pretty fabrics and an absolutely beautiful mini quilt. I've never seen this method of binding before. It really works well on this quilt.

  7. It’s so pretty! I love those Dutch chintz fabrics too. They show really well in your hsts. It’s hard to cut into favourite fabrics but so nice to enjoy them in a finished quilt you can display and use.

  8. So lovely - and such happy colors! Thanks for the mini Dutch quilt show, too!

  9. I'm glad you used some of your favorite fabrics, Kyle! The mini-quilt is so pretty and looks lovely aside the other two. I tend to be the same and "save" my "nicer" things--I need to start using them. After all, you can't take it with you as they say :) Enjoy your June!

  10. Just beautiful Kyle, we definitely did have the same Dutch Chintz thought this month! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Good for you that you used those pretty fabrics. You can enjoy the fabrics so much more now that you turned them into a beautiful little quilt.

  12. So pretty! I love that you used your Dutch fabrics again. No sense in keeping them on a shelf when you can create something beautiful! I like your binding/finishing technique. Must keep that in mind for a future project:) The trio on the fence is another fabulous series. Love it!

  13. Another wonderful mini. A great way to use your special fabrics

  14. What a treat to see another wonderful installment of a thoughtful mini. I need to work on my facing skills. Yours looks perfect.
    What a lush field for your backdrop - so summery and pretty.

  15. What a beautiful quilt, Kyle--and since I wasn't reading your blog back in 2011, this is a brand new one to me. Those colors are, indeed, perfect for summer! (Love that it is called Oso, too! My little grandson is being raised bilingually and that was one of his earliest words in Spanish :) Happy 4th of July weekend to you!