Thursday, January 27, 2022

A Cold January MIni Quilt

For many people, January seems like 
a very long month.
Maybe because it follows the busy holiday season.

It was nice to have another
monthly mini to work on
during these wintery days.

Long Winter Days
28" x 33"

This pattern was from the #140  Quiltmania magazine
and the designer is  Maria Tamaoka of Pinwheels .
You can find this pattern on her web site.

One of the things on my 2022 list
was to dig deep into my stash,
and maybe find some useable surprises.

I found the navy and white star fabric for the background of the trees.
Notice the date on the salvage, 1990.

The trees were made with a variety of light plaids
and strips.  

The other fabric above is what I used on the back.
Sweetwater fabric by Moda used to be called
Farmyard Creations way way back when. 

Two very old fabrics from the stash, but were 
still perfect for a 2022 monthly mini.

Another thing I had on my 2022 list of things to do
was to make something using paper piecing.
These little trees were perfect.  
A lot of quilters had been make 
cute little trees over the holidays
so why not in January as well. 

I love trimming up the blocks.
Everything comes out so neat, crisp and perfect.

So cute!

I loved the low contrast  trees against
the night time winter sky.

The other day my pines were frost covered
and resembled the trees in the quilt.

With some simple straight line quilting 
and a flange binding my January mini was complete.

The cold January morning light
casted a blue shadow which was prefect for this quilt.

I discovered as many of us begin another year
of monthly minis coordinated by 
that I have a nice collection of small quilts.

January - A Blue and White Series

The snow doesn't look deep, but it had drifted up
by the barb wire fence and had a hard crust on top.
You can see where I kept breaking through.
It was actually a challenge hanging these up!
Running Man watched out the window 
 wondering if he would have to come out
for a snow rescue.

I made it back in.

Until Next time-




  1. Long Winter Days is a great name for this month's mini. Those trees really are perfectly pieced and the little sash is a nice addition. January does usually seem like a long month but this year, for me anyway, it seems to have flown!

  2. Oh, I love your new mini and the whole collection! They look wonderful together in the snow.

  3. Cute cute cute! I believe you win the week with the oldest stash-busting fabrics! ;-)
    Thank you for braving the snow to show off your blue and white minis!

  4. I love your mini. The plaid trees look great with the star background. The backing fabric is my favorite, I know Farmyard Creations but have never seen that fabric. Hugs

  5. Kyle que maravilloso mini tu mini, perfecto para enero.
    Preciosa colección, preciosa fotografia.

  6. Beautiful quilts and they look so pretty how you photographed them on the fence, but weren't you afraid of the barbwire tearing them? I would not be that brave.

  7. Wow, another beautiful quilt for your lineup. And on a beautiful snowy day. With beautiful photos! What a great way to use terrific classic fabric.

  8. This is a perfect little quilt! I love the white frosty trees in the mixed subtle prints, such a great idea.:)

  9. Wow! You're little winter tree quilt is wonderful. It's so peaceful.
    I love that you used fabrics that have been in your stash for a while.
    I don't think fabric has an expiration date.

  10. What a wonderful mini and it fits right in with your collection! Wait til you see my mini for this month - we’ve been on the same wave length!😊.

  11. There is just so much to love about your latest mini, the fabrics are perfect and I adore the asymmetrical placement of the trees against the dark starry fabric. I hope you'll continue the color lineup of minis each month.

  12. Perfect use of stash and great addition to your blue and white series! Looks cold!

  13. Another wonderful mini and a great addition to your January Blue and White series! Love that you used those classic fabrics. Fabric Traditions was always a favorite of mine. That pattern was perfect for a wintry-looking quilt :) Great photo shoot, too!

  14. What a delightful mini for this very cold month! Those trees are absolutely adorable! I don't remember seeing this pattern in Quiltmania. Hmm... that gives me an excuse to go back and look through my old issues to see what else I have missed. This one is really spectacular. And, what a collection of blue minis you have. I would never have noticed this blue January theme if you hadn't hung them all together. Thanks for braving the elements to share them again!

  15. That is a wonderful mini!!! and with your collection - what a cool groups of quilts! Love your snow photos - Hope you are staring warm!!!

  16. An absolutely adorable mini, Kyle! Those trees are precious. Love the blue/white theme of your past and present minis. They look very "at home" in the snowy, frosty world. Glad you made it back in safely, and I love that last photo.
    Oh, forgot to mention--the Quilters Select rulers are the best. :)

  17. Your newest mini quilt is darling, Kyle! I have always loved the colors of blue and browns/tans together so this is perfect. Love the photo of all of your quilts hanging in the snow! Do you display a lot of them in your home and give some away? You've made so many beauties. Hope you are staying warm--we have about a foot of snow on the ground from our various January storms, but missed out on the latest storm that is sweeping up the east coast this weekend--thankfully!

  18. What a great little quilt, Kyle! Snowy trees are so fitting for January. I love seeing the lineup of quilts in one shot. Beautiful!

  19. Another lovely mini. Great use of your stash, too. Gorgeous fabrics just waiting for their turn.
    Perfect photo in the snow.

  20. I am finally catching up on blog reading and wow was this post inspirational~ Your January trees are just great and I too like those low volume prints with that dark blue.
    Your series photo is amazing! What a beautiful photo and glad you made it back to warm and safety.

  21. Such a beautiful picture of your little quilts hanging above the snow. It looks so pretty! Your January quilt is very cute too. You know how to beat boring days of january!

  22. Although this comment is on the late side, I want to tell you how perfect is your winter tree quilt. The tone on tone plaids are such a nice contrast against the rich indigo blue background. The narrow beige binding is subtle yet is a wonderful accent. I'm glad you made it back in after your cold photo shoot.

  23. I love your tree quilt! And thanks for the cold pictures - I’ll be looking at them next week when we get yet more heat!!

  24. This is really sweet Kyle - just screams 'starry winter's night'. And fun to be able to find a purpose for some of those prints from the stash, regardless of age. Glad to hear that Running Man keeps an eye out for you when you are battling the elements - that last photo is gorgeous!

  25. I love this mini! The twinkling stars in the night sky are perfect. So many goals checked in a sweet project!