Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Is Your Quilting Like Visiting a Salad Bar?

The other day I was 
in Whole Foods Market.
I walked past their salad bar
which always looks incredible.

A salad bar gives you the options of
creating your salad your way, adding just
the right ingredients in the amounts you want.

My week of stitching has been like making choices at a salad bar.
I have lots of projects all
neatly set aside. Ready for sampling.

Should I do more machine quilting?

I've been working on two different quilts.

Maybe I'll do a little on both.

Another choice might be to
stitch the binding on this.

Have I made you lick your lips and
wonder what this is?

Look what came in the mail this week.

All these crisp and delicious
rainbow zippers from
Need Zippers?
This is a great link.

Why all these zips?

More bags ready to be made.

Does it look like I'm ready to make
some muffins to go with my salad?

Just a convenient way to
store a gazillion little applique pieces.

Maybe my stitching salad
needs more pieces prepped 
for this project.

3 mouthwatering blocks done and 
4 flavorful piles
ready for stamping.

Then again,
is it time to try a new ingredient on my salad ?

This appetizing
bag has been tucked away for a while.
Maybe just a nibble.

Hope you have some
inviting ingredients 
for your stitching salad this week.
Gotta love a good salad bar.
Until Next Time-


  1. That's not a salad bar, that's a buffet, and a very, very tempting one at that. So many wonderful projects. Little wonder that you want to lay your hands on all of them. I'll be looking forward to seeing what your Stars Upon Stars blocks look like.

  2. OMG .... I want everything! You are making progress on many things, but it would be nice to sit back and relax with that mag.

  3. Mmmmm your post is mouth watering! you have so many fun things to work on. Maybe just graze from thing to thing?
    yum yum
    love those colorful zippers!

  4. Yes...a salad bar!! Perfectly descriptive...I was thinking of a squirrel going in a zillion different directions, but I prefer the salad bar analogy!! It is so fun though!!

  5. Some very intriguing ingredients you have on your salad bar. Any one of those look like something fun.

  6. Oh my, you do have some choices on that salad bar! They all look delicious! I'm with Barb, grazing sounds like fun! It doesn't seem to matter what is on my salad bar, I always bite off more than I can chew. Have fun with your choices!

  7. I love how you put this post together . . . it's a great reminder to those who follow patterns to the letter . . . we do have the choices to be creative and add what we want and replace what we don't. Looks like you'll be enjoying many flavors in your salad this week :)

  8. Thank you for the fun tour of your salad bar. As always, you amaze me.

  9. I cannot stop smiling at the way you have presented your WIP! Enjoy, it all looks delicious to me, I have a case of "wish I had ordered that"! LOL!

  10. Salad bar or squirrel, each beckons but suspect the salad bar tastes better! What a fun array of projects!

  11. Another delightful post!! Such a clever way to present your Works In the muffin tin idea too. Thinking I am a grazer kind of quilter...which probably leads to over sampling and not completion?? But aren’t we all fortunate to have such a quilting smorgasbord to select from. Amazing rainbow of zippers by the way:-)

  12. Wonderful description of so many sewing projects to choose. Lol, you are not the only one at the salad bar. Thanks for sharing your tempting choices.

  13. All of those projects look tempting! I think it's good to have several options to choose from depending on what mood I'm in. Glad to see you like variety as well. :)

  14. That certainly is a large number of ingredients for your salad! Enjoy!

  15. I like your idea of comparing quilting with a salad bar, choosing the fabric is a lot like choosing the vegetables to match on your plate. Love the projects you are working on! And a beautiful new one just waiting to jump out of the bag.......

  16. You are so clever! Love this post with all its ingredients :) So many wonderful things in your salad bar! Have fun!

  17. Kyle me encantan todos los ingredientes que dispones para tu ensalada
    Realmente el resultado será fabuloso

  18. You have 3 blocks made!!! I wanna see them :0) I know how lovely and useful your pouches are. You have some yummy projects on the go. A little bit of this and a little bit of that is how I make quilts too.

  19. Love it ;)
    You made me hungry for my quilt studio and all the goodies in there!!

  20. This wasn't just a salad bar--more like a smorgasbord!
    I love the look of the feathers sketched on the one quilt.
    Also--that hedgehog zippered bag is so cute! My daughter and her family used to have a pet hedgehog.

  21. So many yummy choices - fun to have a variety of projects going, machine work, hand work, etc and a great magazine to read for inspiration.