Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Wednesday's check in

Four months ago
Sheryl Johnson, the owner of
started a SAL
called One Block Wednesday.

It wasn't doing one block each Wednesday
but rather, repeating the same block 12 times
each Wednesday until you completed 360 blocks.

I did that for a while, but
I have to confess,

I needed to plow ahead
and get them done.
Doing the same  block  x 12 each week for
30 weeks wasn't going to hold
my attention for too long.

Here are the blocks
many of us have been sewing.

It was the perfect project for
 using my featherweight machine.

I was using bits and pieces of fabric scraps and
by chain piecing 10 blocks at a time

it wasn't long before all 360 blocks were done!

 Then I began sewing them
 together randomly in sets of two.

I'd guess most of them lined up
just right.
Those that didn't....
oh, well.

 Then the sets of twos

became four.
This is when the pressing really paid off
so the seams would mesh together.
It made for happy sewing.

The top is complete.

56" x 77"

It's a mish mash of colors 
and patterns.

All free from the stash
with blocks alternating 
light and dark.

The plan is to 
 get it machine quilted this summer.
Fingers crossed.

for sharing such a great idea.
It was fun to do.

Until Next Time-


  1. Wow! 30 Blocks a week is monumental. I love how the top came out though so it was certainly worth it.

  2. I applaud you for sticking to it and finishing!!

  3. OH I love it!! Good for you, for gettin' 'er dun!!! So very pretty!!

  4. OMG ..... beautiful! I did one of their quilt-a-longs too and, like you, finished mine earlier just to get it done.

  5. You made quick work of that project, didn't you Kyle? Love it! I'm still admiring it from afar - just too many others in line before it.

  6. I actually prefer when all the points don't match up perfectly in this sort of quilt! lol What a great looking quilt! Very striking with so much energy.:)

  7. I am glad you stuck to it because that turned out to be really pretty! Love the way all the fabrics play together.

  8. What a lovely quilt. I so wanted to join in but overwhelmed with other projects I needed to finish for our up coming quilt show. Temecula have the sweetest patterns and sew alongs.

  9. What a beautiful scrappy quilt you have, and all from stash! This is one I had hoped to get started on for the past month or so, but well .. nothing yet. Now I'm inspired again, especially to use up lots of little scraps for those corner triangles. There must be some way of taming all the scraps we know and love!

  10. Kyle esto es coser rapido!!!
    resultado maravilloso,
    deseo ver el acochado

  11. It looks amazing now that the blocks are together. Love that it all came from scraps and stash.

  12. What a delightful mish mash of colors, as you called it. Love quilts like this--true scrap quilts. Nice job, Kyle!

  13. I have made two of those blocks but didn't like sewing them and decided to stop. But when I see your top I start wondering if I should have made more..

  14. It's always amazing to see what beauty and utility can become of a pile of fabric scraps! :-) You're going to enjoy this one for many years!

  15. I love this block and what a great idea to make 1 quilt from 1 of the blocks. I really love that idea. Make your own road map! Great color distribution!

  16. Wow! An exoplosion of fabric and colors! I like it!

  17. It's gorgeous! I was just in the shop (for me it was a pilgrimage to Mecca!) and hers is beautiful too, I regret not starting it, but I will when I get home! Congratulations on the finish!

  18. I see the Temecula post each Wednesday with her blocks for the week. I would be like you and loose interest if I let it drag out that many weeks. Your quilt looks mighty good and I love the idea that it was "free" to make. I think it is more like you "freed' it from stash than the cost being free

  19. I love these and want to give it a try. That is when I ever get back to my sewing machine . . . poor thing has never had time to gather dust, but it has been the last few months. I might just bring it in from the art barn and put in on the dining room table. I could sew while Steve sleeps and still hear him. These blocks looked hard to me, until you showed us how you made them, thanks :)

  20. Oh wow !! You realized a big work but it's just hapiness no ?
    Scrap quilts are my favourite quilts and yours will be gorgeous !

  21. I admire your stick-to-itiveness! Love that scrappy look and the mish mash of colors and patterns. It's a great top and will be a fun one to quilt this summer :)

  22. It's gorgeous Kyle! Deliciously scrappy :0)

  23. So wonderfully scrappy! What a great finish!

  24. OH MY GOODNESS I love it! It's totally perfection!
    I'm doing my version the slow rainbow scrap challenge way.. a few each month.
    But I love yours...big time quilt top envy!!

  25. Love it!! I've been kind of forcing myself to do the blocks and, like you, don't do them on Wednesday's--lol! I just cut up four more weeks worth from scraps on my cutting table and hope to squeeze them in when I have some extra time. I think just going ahead and doing them all was pretty smart of you!

  26. What a classic, fun, colorful top! Love it.