Monday, April 29, 2019

April Mini

Making a quilt
is acknowledging the fact
there are times when you 
need to be flexible

either with your design, your color schemes,
or fabric choices., etc.
You become aware that
 your quilt has other ideas!

I was reminded of this recently
with this month's April mini.

29" x 29"

The pattern was from Jo Morton's book
Jo's Little Favorites III.

I first selected a border fabric
and used it for generating my color palette.

But then, when it came to adding
that border, well....

It was way too busy,
way too complicated,
and way too much.

It didn't fit the style
 of the center anymore.

This presented a change of plans
and a lot of digging for new possibilities.
I know, we've all been here before.

Nothing seemed to work and
I kept wanting to make the original idea fit.
Finally, hidden deep in "THE PILE",
I found the one that worked for me.

The edges seemed to soften
like spring softens the edges of winter.

The quilting added the right amount of texture.

Blossom by blossom

spring has finally comes.

Wait a minute!
Hold that thought about spring coming.
We're expecting 3- 5 inches
 of snow today.
Goodbye blossoms!

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Until Next Time-


  1. Your quilt is lovely! The quilting adds a special touch. I find myself playing the 'should I, should I not' game many times. Being flexible is the only way to go.

  2. This little quilt sings of spring, even while we are bemoaning the never-ending round of winter! The daffodils are totally wilted this morning after 22 degrees last night; we also had a dusting of snow on Saturday and more in the air yesterday.

  3. A good outcome. I've had that happen, where I used a fabric as the color inspiration for a quilt but then did not use it in the quilt itself. So sorry about the snow, seems a big NO at this time of year.

  4. The perfect finish for you - you will find a place for that first border choice - meanwhile enjoy this very sweet mini - and the quilting is icing on the cake. Wondering how on earth that dear lady in your first photo stays so looks painful!! Snowflakes here this morning but now just April showers...

  5. Your quilt turned out beautiful. I love the new border you chose. We lucked out...the snow stayed south of us. But wait this is Michigan...tomorrow could bring snow. Hugs

  6. Snow..... I can't believe it ! Pfewwww....
    Your mini is soooo romantic with that pink ! I love it Kyle !
    And the quilting is amazing as always...

  7. The original border fabric choice gave you a lovely color palette, even if it didn't make the final cut. It is a beautiful, fresh looking little finish, Kyle! Isn't it interesting how "pretty" brown can look with a bit of pink as its companion?
    I think that snow you are supposed to be getting is just going through the middle of our state, so hopefully here in the north end we will escape. :)

  8. Kyle tu edredón es una delicia ¡¡me gusta!!

  9. What a pretty spring quilt! The border fabric is very nice! great that you found it in your stash. I love the border quilting - looks like nesting double hearts :0) Your pink is just the color of Spring blossoms which will come out here eventually. We got close to a foot of snow on Saturday...

  10. Your April mini is perfect for the season. I love your color palette and fabric choices and your machine quilting is really lovely. That's one crazy lady in the first photo, lol!

  11. A beautiful mini quilt, but I especially love the quilting design in the border. And the first photo!

  12. A very sweet Springtime quilt! I am glad you found a border fabric in your stash. It is interesting which fabrics work, sometimes it is the least expected one. Beautiful quilting!

  13. Oh my goodness, I have NEVER been that flexible! lol Your quilt is looking very sweet. You don't even want to know how many times I've started a project with a lovely piece of fabric and then in the end, couldn't even use it in the quilt. Always so disappointing and a bit of a fight to come to the right mind that it just isn't working to include it! Quilting is always such a wonderful challenge. Wouldn't change the process for anything!

  14. Flexibility really is the name of the game, isn't it? What a great print you used for your border - it really makes the entire thing shine. So pretty.

  15. I had a good laugh about your border selection. Why do we put ourselves in such turmoil? Especially when the end result (at least in your case) is simply beautiful. I love this one and will link it in today. Hope you didn't get the predicted snow. I'm still waiting for daffodils. At least the crocuses are up!

  16. Your final border selection is just right. Sort of like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
    I wish I was as flexible as the lady in the picture. I doubt I could get a leg even waist high.

  17. Snow at the end of April.....not what you have been waiting for! Hope this little quilt will bring Spring, the colors are very pretty!

  18. It is really cute! Sorry about the snow in your forecast! I hope it didn't arrive!

  19. I think you made the right choice--your quilt is lovely! I've had that happen a few times too and it's hard to give up on the fabric your planned to use from the very beginning. Our spring disappeared too and I am so ready for warmer weather!

  20. Your flexibility was rewarded with this sweet mini. The quilting is so nice too! fits the border perfectly and goes with the theme of this little beauty.
    Four patches are the best! I"ve been making a few on the side with my trimmings. what great colors.
    Snow - ? oh dear

  21. Great choice and a lovely result in the end. I do think you made the right decision not to go with the original border.