Thursday, February 15, 2018

I Wish I could Say....

I wish I could say,
I didn't have much to show you this week
because. . . 

I was on an African safari,

I had been sunbathing on some beautiful tropical beach,

or had impulsively joined the circus.

Unfortunately, nothing that exciting.

So instead,
I've been slowly working on

machine quilting a simple panel for a
baby quilt

Appliqueing my blocks for Christmas,

sewing a backing using leftovers,

and playing with some vintage hst's for my next doll quilt.

I just wanted to let you know
I've been sewing
and we'll see what I have done next week.

Until Next Time-


  1. You find the best photos to illustrate your weekly themes! Looking forward to seeing the full reveal of that sweet baby quilt. Happy stitching and photo-searching!

  2. You always have the best images! I love the "undergarments"! I'd say you accomplished quite a bit this week. Your applique is magnificent! Can't wait to see what you do with the little half squares.

  3. The last photo had me! Too funny! Looks like you are staying on task this winter and always fun to see what the results are.

  4. I love having two or three projects going at once. It keeps life interesting :)
    I'm working on my Pioneer Quilt. Finishing up a Red & White Quilt, and redecorating the 5th wheel :) I like having projects and keeping my hands busy.
    Happy stitching, sweet sister!
    Connie :)

  5. Such beautiful applique you do, my dear! And I just used a piece of the de gama in my QOV a couple of days ago! HA!

  6. So funny !! And you know what ? I believed you when you said for the safari !!! ah ah !!
    Happy stitching so !

  7. Such a fun post. And it appears that you have plenty "in the works"!
    Your applique stitching is masterful!

  8. Your posts are so enjoyable! Looks like you did all three with the beautiful projects you are working on. Sewing is a better adventure anyway - no pesky mosquitoes to deal with!

  9. Your old timey pics always make me smile! And every little bit of work adds up. Looks like you're plugging along just fine!

  10. Love everything you are working on. I go on safari every time I walk into my messy sewing Hugs

  11. Slow and steady wins the race! Love the progress shots.

  12. I recognize the first picture with Robert Redford and Meryl Streep. I watched that movie about a million times. I used to have it on tape but had to let it go when we got a DVD player that did not play tapes. A longish movie but what a love story.

  13. Your posts always make me smile. Thanks!

  14. I loved the soundtrack from Out of Africa. A lovely post about working on a bit of this and that :0) The vintage hst's are wonderful and I know you will make something beautiful with them. I look forward to seeing progress on all of these projects.

  15. Sounds like you've been very busy, even if not on a safari with Robert Redford!!

  16. Well....if you can't go on a safari with Robert Redford....doing some stitching is a good second best I guess....
    Loved reading your post! Very cute baby quilt panel!

  17. I thought you went on a Safari! What a fun post! Loved seeing all your projects. My little doll quilt has hsts, too. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Really enjoyed that last photo-it's the best!

  18. "I had a farm in Africa"...opening line. One of my favorite movies of all time.

    You still made some nice progress on your projects.

  19. What a wonderful blog! Connie at Crafty Home Cottage suggested her readers might enjoy your blog, so here I am having a lovely time looking back at some of your previous posts. I love the old photos your post here and there, and the quilts...WOW! Of course, you had me hooked with that first photo from the beloved Out of Africa, one of my favorite movies.

  20. Still exciting to get sewing done. Better than cleaning up after the circus has been, getting sunburnt or being eaten by a tiger when on safari!

  21. Looks like a very satisfying, fabric-y week to me!

  22. I was really hoping you were on that beautiful tropical beach! I thought maybe I could join you, we just got another foot and a half of snow. But your quilting projects are beautiful! A very sweet baby quilt and your applique is perfection. Always love your vintage photos.

  23. Kyle una semana muy completa.
    Memorias de África una de mis películas favoritas
    ¿Cuantas veces la vi ? no puedo decir muchas no me canso
    siempre me emociona

  24. Impulsively joined a circus - love it. Truth be known you probably just peeled the spuds!

  25. You've perfectly captured how some weeks go. And thanks for the "walk down memory lane with Out of Africa - this was a favourite movie for my friends and I when it came out and led to so many very poor Meryl Streep imitations..."I had a farm in Africa..."

  26. fabulous vintage photos! love those bras drying or on display for selling??? ha ha
    Looks like you are keeping very busy.
    btw - I love "out of africa" I need to watch that again soon!