Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Flange Bindings

There are different ways 
to finish a quilt.
This week I've been 
finishing a couple quilts 
using a flange binding
or sometimes referred to as 
a faux piped binding.

It's a great way to get a binding
finished by machine and a great way
to add a pop of color around the edge.

It's a fun look.

There are many good tutorials online
if you'd like to know more of the details.

It requires two different strips of fabrics,
one for the flange and one for the binding.
The flange is cut 1/4" larger than the binding.
I like a narrow binding, 2 1/4", so I
cut the flange 1 1/2" and the binding 1 1/4".

When the binding strips are sewn together
and pressed in half, it creates an 1/8" flange of color.

This binding is sewn on the backside of the quilt
and then turned to the front.
To finish the binding, it's sewn
in the ditch between the flange and the binding.

 Here is the baby quilt I was machine quilting.

It's a simple panel that required

just some quilting around the main animals.

Adding the flange, was a simple way
 to accent one more color  
without being overwhelming or 
adding another border.
Plus the binding was all done on the machine.
Perfect for a donation quilt.

The second quilt is from Sue Spargo's
free pattern, Instastitch, found on her website.

I finished it finally last week,
machine quilting in the ditch between 
most of the pieces.

Indigo Blue

This quilt turned out to be basically a two color quilt,
indigo and cream 
with a small amount of color and texture from the embroidery.

Adding the cream flange helped to give the quilt a crisp edge.
I had to use a bright backing to 
compliment the delightful embroidery on the front.

The final quilt with a flange binding
is a group quilt for a friend.

Grey can be the modern neutral and
was a wonderful background for the 
batiks and bright prints.
With the grey border and grey binding, I added
the raspberry batik flange

to cause the eye to stay in the center of the quilt 
and to add a last sparkle of color.
I think it's the perfect accent.  

It's fun to try new things.
This is a easy technique to add an accent of color 
and a wonderful way
to finish a binding completely by machine.
Give it a try.

Until Next Time-


  1. your piping looks so great.
    the blue quilt is really appealing and what a nice group quilt.

  2. The binding looks great on all of these quilts. I would definitely give this technique a try but on something small first. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, I like this idea very much. I am a newbie quilter but will consider this in the future. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this great tutorial !
    I will try for one of my quilt for sure !!

  4. I like the flange look but doesn't work for me, especially since I have never mastered the machine sewing binding from the front. Love the Sue Spargo quilt but couldn't find on her website (never did see a search bar but could be the bleary eyes).

    1. It looks like she removed it just recently☹️

  5. I made a flange binding once and really liked it. You did a great tutorial. I love all the quilts you showed. Hugs

  6. I have done this a few times and just love the look! Thank you for sharing your technique! Of course, I love all the quilts you have been working fun.

  7. These are some fun quilts you've shown, and that ltitle extra touch of color in the flange adds a real wow factor. I need to try this soon, practicing the technique on a donation quilt will be a perfect opportunity.

  8. I like all of the quilts and the binding is a beautiful finish to all !

  9. Thank you for the instructions, I have always admired flanges but never given it a try, so now there is no excuse!

  10. It does add so much interest to the edge of the quilt. I have a friend who does this all the time so I don't know why I've never tried it. Hmmm, maybe I will try it on my next potholder quilt. Now that would be a lot of piping!

  11. The flange binding adds a wonderful tailored look to your quilts. I especially like that it is applied by machine. Great tutorial!

  12. These bindings look so great! I've never tried this kind of binding. I just love your Indigo Blue - that little bit of extra cream is really lovely. All 3 are beautiful finishes.

  13. Great idea, the flange binding. I have never heard that word before. Your blue and cream quilt is so pretty - looks “boro” inspired to me and I love that.

  14. I have seen this on quilts, but I have never seen such a concise explanation. Thank you, Kyle. I will need to try this out. It really does provide a nice outline to the quilts!

  15. Congratulations on your finishes! I really like the touch of color the piping adds. Thank you for a very clear explanation, it doesn’t sound as scary as I thought. lol

  16. I love the look of that binding! I never made one on the machine but I will surely give this one a try! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Those little finishing touches add so much to your fun quilts!

  18. Great images of how you added that extra spark of color to the bindings. You have been very busy and your 18 in 2018 list must be looking good - off to a wonderful start!

  19. I've seen this type of binding but have yet to try it - yours are beautiful. It looks like you have been busy!

  20. That's a lot of finishes you have here! That Instastitch is mighty tempting. I like the look of flange binding too.

  21. Fantastic explanation. I have wanted to try this, now I'm all ready. Thanks for the tutorial!