Thursday, June 15, 2017

Goin' Where the Wind Blows

Running Man and I have

been on the road again.

This time traveling north 
through Wyoming where the wind likes to blow.

 And then heading on to

 and stopping in Idaho Falls
to hang out with a friend.

Running Man worked planting grape vines
and driving the tractor, 
while I relaxed and stitched.

Everyone has their own interpretation of fun!

I stitched on these stars for
the final border of "Discovery" the 
not so mystery mystery quilt designed by 
Petra Prins.

Then it was on the road again
heading to Montana
to visit another set of friends.

and a little chilly.
In fact,
we scraped ice off the car windows one morning.

It is a state with wide open spaces,
a frontier spirit,
and a place where the sky does seem
bigger and bluer. 

We took a boat ride on the Missouri River
not far from Helena.

It was on the evening of July 19, 1805 
that the hardy members of the Lewis and Clark
expedition toiled to move up stream.

At each bend of the river
the steep limestone cliffs seemed to block 
their passage, but only to open
like gently giant gates as they drew nearer.

Meriwether Lewis
called this place
"Gates of the Mountains. 

We visited the state capital 

ordered huckleberry milkshakes

at the soda fountain

tried on buffalo robes

 and enjoyed the American western art
of Charlie Russell

Toll Collector, 1913

 When The Land Belonged to God, 1914

There's a lot of driving
 out here in the West to 
get to one place and another.
 Last years Buttermilk Basin BOM

which means there are lots of  hours to stitch
and enjoy the scenery.

I loved this quote by Charlie Russell, 1919,
You can apply it to anyone who has a passion. (quiltmaking)

" No man ever lived long enough or
ever will live long enough to paint all 
the pictures I have in my mind."

Until Next Time-


  1. Sounds like fun! Today we are heading for glenwood springs!

  2. Awesome trip and awesome stitcheries! You got a lot of sewing done.

  3. I am visiting America thanks to you ! Photos are beautiful as your country ...Enjoy this trip Kyle !

  4. Love that soda fountain! What a fun vibe it has. Lots of great photos, thanks for sharing!

  5. Lovely shots of the scenery and stitching but my favorite is your man in that buffalo robe! :)

  6. Kyle este viaje parece muy divertido
    ¡¡tan grandes espacios!!
    buen viaje

  7. Love travelling thru Montana but those winds can add hours to what seems like a short drive! Looks like you had some lovely adventures.

  8. Don't you just love road trips and all the adventures that come with them :) I love Charlie Russell's work; I guess it's the cowgirl in my soul. That old fashion soda fountain is wonderful, brings back memories of my youth. We were driving through Montana once and I was so taking in by it's beauty, that I told my sweet husband that if I ever got mad enough to leave him and he wanted me back, he should start looking in Montana, LOL.
    Great post!
    Connie :)

  9. Wow is all I can say. Living in an overcrowded country those spaces look just amazing, wonderful, peaceful. I had that also when visiting Texas..... all that space... we loved it. Your stars are very pretty!

  10. I love the States you have visited! Never have seen more beautiful skies as in Montana! Glad you got some quilting done while traveling!

  11. I'm jealous of the huckleberry shakes. That sounds so refreshingly good right now.

  12. Having traversed these states many times, it all looked familiar to me. Yes, there are a lot of huckleberry products in these states. We often bring home the jam or syrup, but next time I'm looking for a milkshake! That sounds really good. : )
    I recall once trying buffalo robes on the kids in a museum in Cody, Wyoming. The kids almost dropped to the floor, the robes were so heavy on their little bodies.
    LOVE the Charles Russell museum! That statement he made definitely applies to quilters!

  13. Such gorgeous scenery everywhere you've been and are going to!
    Your stars and stitches are coming along beautifully.
    Enjoy your amazing journey!

  14. Thanks for sharing pics of your wonderful trip. I've never seen such wide open spaces. Breathtakingly beautiful! A boat ride on the Missouri River sounds delightful, so does a huckleberry milk shake. And the buffalo robe looks great on Running Man! So glad you managed to find time to do a little sewing :)

  15. If you replaced the word 'pictures' in Charlie Russell's quote with 'quilts', that would be me. Looks like you enjoyed an amazing slice of Americana.

  16. Amazing and beautiful landscapes, I think its all big sky country. Looks like the hand stitching is coming along nicely.

  17. Fun trip! We spent some time in Idaho & Montana last summer and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Looks like you did too. (You sure have a lot of friends!)

  18. It's been many years since I was in those States, but I loved them then, and today I've enjoyed seeing them again through your lovely pictures. Thanks! ---"Love"

  19. Wonderful post as usual Kyle - I always enjoy your travels. We have a lot of wide open spaces in Australia too and can well relate to the 'lot of driving'! Great quote at the end - and certainly applies to us quilters :)

  20. What a fun trip and your pictures are just Gorgeous ! Thanks for sharing !

  21. Fun times, driving through the western states. Enjoy your journeys! We have fond memories of all these states.

  22. Enjoyed the travelogue - hubby has been there, but not me. Someday soon, I hope!

  23. Great post with all that beautiful Sky country. Looks so rugged yet peaceful. Great quote relating to painters, quilters or any creative soul!

  24. It's wide open spaces but I really love that area! Here in Central Oregon we've had our fair share of wind this past month- It's getting old!

  25. Oh my--the views look fabulous! It must be hard to stitch in case you miss something! Love the Discovery Stars--they sure are fun.

  26. What does a huckleberry milkshake taste like? I don't even know what huckleberries taste like.

  27. Gorgeous sky photos. Being from the midwest I love big skies! Beautiful mountains too. What a pretty part of our country. Looks like you had fun with your friends. in wine?
    Very pretty stars

  28. What a lovely trip. Great pictures and wonderful hand work. Hugs

  29. Another fun road trip!
    Love the idea of planting grape vines - I read recently we have all 50 states now producing wine.
    That is a good quote, never enough time...
    Thanks for sharing.

  30. What a wonderful road trip! Thanks so much for sharing such lovely images. And, I love Charlie Russell's quote. How true! It's nice that you can stitch in the car. I can do it on the highway, but not on back roads. I adore those hexie stars!

  31. You take the most beautiful pictures! Your stitching is lovely as well.

  32. I love this place It´s the same as the south of my country! Hugs