Thursday, June 29, 2017


Last week I shared with you
how silly my mind can work.
I like to take one of the strategies
from the game of Parcheesi
and compare it to working
 on multiple quilts simultaneously
and then being rewarded with 
multiple finishes!

What's not to love about that!
Well, this week my fourth man (quilt) 
made it Home.
Tah Dah!!!

First, let me clarify, that my
finish is a finished top,
which was one of my 17 UFO's in 2017!

65" x 65"

 It is the 2016 mystery quilt
designed by Petra Prins
for Quiltmania magazine.

Yes, you've probably noticed that 2017
is already half over, but I'm so happy to
have this sewn together.
I "discovered" that it's rather
hard for me to keep up with mystery quilts.

*Besides I like to cheat
and be a few months behind.
That way I know where I'm headed.
(I wouldn't have made a very good explorer.)

The design included lots of appliquéing,
fussy cutting,
English Paper Piecing,
and playing with Petra's
wonderful Dutch Heritage Fabrics.

I also "discovered" that I love these fabrics!
The only place I was able to find

 them here in the states
was at Web Fabric. com

 I didn't work from a kit
but used other fabrics from my stash
for the background pieces and borders.
It changed it up a little.

The center of this quilt
is designed after a compass rose
found on nautical maps
showing the points of the compass

or a mariner's compass block.
The Dutch were part of the Age of Exploration
and Discovery.

The most challenging part for me
were the final stars in the final border.
The kite shape points created
a very narrow tip and getting the seam allowance
to tuck under after basting them around
a paper piece was difficult.
I would have done better with good ol' needle turning.
 That was another part
of my sewing "discovery"
with this quilt.

Now when I "discover" some time
I might work on getting this quilted.

Until Next Time-


  1. You are on a roll (so to speak) - another lovely finish and such attention to detail. Remind me never to play Parcheesi with you!

  2. Congratulations on another beautiful quilt top. This one is truly stunning.

  3. Love it, Kyle! It does have a very Dutch look. Your Dutch Heritage fabrics combined with others from stash play so well together. You did good!

  4. I looked at your quilt and said "Wow" out loud even though I am home alone. It is BEAUTIFUL. So bright and interesting. Congratulations on getting your fourth "Man" home. It's a beauty Kyle.

  5. wowzer - you are on a roll. Your Dutch Mystery quilt is just wonderful. You must be over the moon about it!
    I love all the different techniques and your mix of colors and prints are just lovely.
    HOw are you going to quilt it?

  6. Beautiful work! So much lovely detail and the fabrics are just gorgeous. This quilt is a treasure.😊

  7. WOW!!! A stunning finish. I can't wait to see what's next. Hugs

  8. Kyle ¡¡Felicidades!! es un trabajo maravillosos.

  9. You are so good at making heirloom quilts, Kyle. I am in awe. I admire quilts like this so much, but never attempt them. I would be frozen in fear.
    Your fearlessness and your skill are a winning combination. And you write about it all in such a clever way, it is a delight to follow your journey.

  10. Oh my! You are on a roll. I adore this quilt. I used the last of my Dutch prints recently and I NEED to find more. Thanks for the link and the photos of this wonderful finish.

  11. Wow, this top is 'knock your socks off' gorgeous! What an amazing combination of colors, patterns, and skill - especially with those star points. Love it!

  12. Awesome finish and a great use of those beUtiful Dutch fabrics. Time for another trip to Holland to restock :)

  13. Such a beautiful quilt, just love the colours. I enjoy your perspective that this quilt has taken you on a journey of learning. So true of all things in life.

  14. Wow, this quilt is gorgeous and your fabrics are too pretty. I totally understand what you mean about wanting to know where you're going but I laughed out loud about your 'explorer' comment. Too funny! Thanks for sharing the pretty little details.

  15. What a wonderful quilt! The colors are so satisfying and I love all the detail. It's just beautiful. You must be so pleased.

  16. I have loved reading your quilting progress compared to Parcheesi, very entertaining. Congratulations on your progress & achievements this month, your Discovery is very beautiful!

  17. Wow, there's a lot of impressive work in your quilt top, especially all the sharp points. I like the mix of fabrics, some unusual ones that must be from the shop in Holland. Congratulations on keeping up with your finishes for the year.

  18. I agree with Cathy, WOW!!! You amaze me. I called my husband into our office room to have a look . . . and your quilt blew his mind. He thinks I make pretty quilts and I'm always trying tell him that I'm just a baby and that there are women out there that have quilting talents that make mine look like something the dust bunnies left behind. Your quilts are true treasures . . . masterpieces :)
    Happy quilting.
    Connie :)

  19. Good job! Another finish! Love the colors you used! You gave a lovely twist of your own to this quilt!

  20. What a beautiful quilt, Kyle! And I love the name :) You do such lovely work and the fabrics you used are perfect! Absolutely stunning!

  21. Absolutely gorgeous, Kyle! Well done!

  22. What a fabulous quilt, Kyle! I can see there was a lot of work that went into it. Amazing. And thanks for the link to Petra's fabric. I just love it also, but didn't know where to get it. That shirting was perfect for the background. Also, thanks for linking to my giveaway. Blessings,

  23. It's so pretty, Kyle! I love those Dutch fabrics too, all the clear blues really sing. Fabulous finish, and not late at all, as far as I'm concerned!

  24. Congratulations on finishing a UFO! It's a beautiful quilt! I also love those Dutch Heritage fabrics!

  25. Gorgeous finish! I love the candy-colors effect (or at least the photographic candy color effect)!

  26. Congratulations for this wonderful finish Kyle ! I love the fabrics you used ! Your trip in Holland inspired you for sure !
    I wish you a wonderful 4th of July !

  27. This quilt top is spectacular Kyle!! Such amazing colour and fabric choices!

  28. It is a stunning finish ; congratulations : )

  29. Wow, what a beautiful quilt! It really makes those Dutch fabrics shine! I especially like those pieced little stars with the hexagons. What a labour of love!!!

  30. your 'discovery' quilt is stunning, congratulations on a wonderful finish!

  31. Oh my gosh--Discovery is so beautiful--I love it! The fabrics are delicious, and I can believe those stars were challenging--they sure are cute though!! Congrats on a lovely finish.

  32. Congratulations Kyle!
    It's lovely.

  33. It looks so lovely, Kyle. Congratulations!