Wednesday, May 24, 2017

No Hay...Hexies Instead

There's an old saying
"make hay while the sun shines".
Last week I had to change
the wording just a little.

" Make Hexies while the Snow Blows"

Even with the yearly signal that it's okay 
to plant annuals after Mother's Day,
Mother Nature had other ideas.

I decided it was a great opportunity
take advantage of the time
and start make the hexies I had been putting off. 

They're not for a new project, 
but for a not so mystery mystery
( I loved Shirley's take on it over at Stitcherydo)

They are for the final border of Petra Prins'
last years mystery quilt from Quiltmania.

Here's Petra's quilt at the Australian-Dutch Connection show
in Amersfoort, Netherlands.
It was in front of a window so it had a stain glass effect.

But here's Petra's final border and

the hexies and kite shapes I worked on
while the snow was blowing.

I had been dragging my feet for quite awhile
not because of the hexie part, but the kite shape.

I had tried thread basting these small pieces and
and didn't have very good luck.
I finally decided the only way to move on was 
to glue baste, which is what I did.

 It was fast and easy.
I just hope removing the paper will be too.

So while it continued to snow
 my pile of pieces got deeper and deeper
thread basting the hexies.

I had to lay out a few combinations

It was fun to work with the Dutch fabrics again. 
And I certainly made progress 
despite Mother Nature.
Until Next Time-


  1. I feel your pain, Kyle. We had snow two weekends ago and it just about sent me into a deep depression. Thank heaven for quilting. Your hexies are absolutely gorgeous (those fabrics are to die for!) - this will be another beauty.

  2. Oh those hexies are sensational. I adore that fabric. I could not believe how restrained you were in your purchases. But I do appreciate your leaving a few pieces for those who live in the Netherlands - wink! I have never glue basted, but I am happy to hear you are having good luck with it. And, I am one of those strange people who wishes for snow in May! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow! Those are amazing hexie / kite blocks. You must have the patience of a saint.

  4. Oh no Snow... My son in the UP got snow too. I love your hexie project. Hugs

  5. How pretty! I love that quilt...I too might be intimidated by those kite shapes! Hugs, and how is the new addition to the family?

  6. Viva the snow !! Oh I know it's not fun in May but thanks to it, I can see wonderful hexies !

  7. Wow, those are tiny pieces! But, it will all be worth it. And it is so nice to see Petra's quilt too!

  8. We had a day or two like that last week, as well.
    Such pretty fabrics. This is going to be another heirloom creation. You are so good at those!

  9. You made the best use of a snowy day in May. I hope some of your flowers survived. Those little hexie stars are delightful. They look pretty small! Your Dutch Chintz is beautiful and makes lovely hexies :0)

  10. WOW! That quilt is going to be gorgeous! I think Quiltmania always has the best quilts, although they certainly are challenging. It looks like you've figured out how to overcome the difficulties in those blocks. I love your fussy cutting!! Good luck!
    Hope the snow melted fast! It sure was pretty, though!

  11. Snow!!! Awful, your quilt thrived pretty good by it though!

  12. The little kite shapes do look a bit tricky, good luck with it, they are very sweet laid out. Do hope the snow stops soon though.

  13. Wowsers - snow this late in the season - YIKES!
    I must say that I LOVE those hexie stars you are piecing. They are gorgeous!
    I've never seen that pattern before and they look awesome in those pretty Dutch fabrics.
    I hope Spring comes back your way quickly.

  14. Perfect weather for sewing! That quilt is so gorgeous!! The clips really show how tiny those pieces are. I'm a reluctant gluer but it's good that it's there as an option for those tricky moments. I hope you get some sunshine soon.

  15. oh my! What is the record for late snow?
    Your hexie project is both ambitious and fabulous. I can't believe how small those pieces are!
    I'm hoping spring will come soon for you

  16. I can see how using the Clover clips would be helpful in centering the design with the fussy cutting. I'll have to try that too! Such a beautiful quilt it is! We didn't get snow here in the valley, but the mountains have a fresh dusting.

  17. Going back to winter while you are ready for summer.... confusing! Glad you had some wuilting challenges to work on! Your quilt is going to be stunning!

  18. Well, at least the snow is pretty! Nice you were all ready with a great project.

  19. I am in PA and remember many of time of running out to cover things if I planted before Memorial Day...but it was generally due to a freeze not snow that late in the year.

    Well your indoor work is lovely!

  20. Those are adorable, I have seen this quilt many times but not noticed the star centers were hexies. I happened to be in Centennial, CO last week during the snow storm. Our Texas grandchildren (3 & 8) were also there and had never seen snow-they were delighted! The hotel courtyard was decorated with snow angels and snowmen :)

  21. Oh my goodness - that is some serious piecing! But it's going to be gorgeous! Glad the snow day inspired you!

  22. Oh my gosh, a May snow! But what a perfect time to work on your beautiful hexies! I've never glue-basted anything but wouldn't hesitate trying it after reading how it worked on your little pieces :)

  23. So pretty. Are the Dutch fabrics a bit heavier than the cottons we are used to working with?

  24. You kite and hexies are looking great! I hope the weather improved for your Memorial Day weekend! We got up to 90 yesterday! It's only spring!