Monday, April 3, 2017

Always a Quilty Buddy

It's always hard to say good-bye
to friends that have been 
 Quilty Buddies.

It may not have been a friendship 
for many years, but we all 
know about the threads that bind quilters together.

Our friend, Jenine, is opening
another chapter of her life in Austin, TX.
We've loved getting to know her over
the past couple of years.

I had been gifted a 
basket full of red and white fat quarters 
in February
24" x 24"

and I used this wonderful collection of fabrics
from one group of quilting friends,
to stitch this sweet and easy heart quilt for a Quilty Buddy.
It seemed the perfect way to pass
the meaning of  friendship forward.

I made the the hst's to finish at 2"
and made 4" four patches set on point.
Any size patches would work.  You
could customize them to your particular project.

It was fun to
machine quilt heart motifs in the 
open spaces.  It seemed to add another layer
of sharing, caring and friendship.

This would be a simple and sweet
pattern to use for a quick baby quilt.

A going away gift doesn't have to be

big to let someone know
that they will be missed.  It
just has to be something from your heart.

Until Next Time-


  1. What a sweet little quilt from the heart ; I am sure she'll love and cherish it.

  2. What a wonderful and sentimental gift. And, you are so right. It is not the size of the gift that matters, but the love behind it.

  3. A lovely quilt and a sweet gesture! I bet she appreciates it so much.

  4. What a sweet quilt! And your quilted hearts are lovely too. I'm sure it will be a fond keepsake for your friend. :D

  5. what a thoughtful gift. she will think of you every time she sees it.

  6. what a wonderful gift quilt. it is hard to say goodbye to special quilt friends.

  7. Oh, what a sweet gift for a special friend! Your friendship will last forever :)

  8. So very sweet, Kyle. This will be treasured, I'm sure!

  9. Oh Kyle, that's a very beautiful quilt, made with love ... I'm sure your friend will treasure it !

  10. What a sweet gift! Your quilting looks lovely :0)

  11. Your small quilt is very pretty and made a wonderful going away gift.

  12. A beautiful gift with extra special sentiment. I love that label!

  13. She will love it and always think of you when she looks at it <3

  14. What a thoughtful gift packed with meaning. The heart quilting adds that extra something. So sweet.

  15. What a lovely little quilt and what a very sweet gift. I really like that you are putting your vintage photos back in your posts . . . I love them :)

  16. That is such a sweet quilt, a thoughtful gift for a friend. The heart quilting couldn't be more perfect!!

  17. It is always difficult to see a friend leave..... but a friend is a friend no matter the distance between you so I am sure you will meet again. The little quilt is lovely and will be loved I am sure!

  18. I only lived in South Carolina three years but had a hard time saying good-bye to the quilting friends I made there. A sweet heart gift!

  19. I love all the hearts, what a beautiful sentiment and quilt to gift your quilting friend.
    I always enjoy seeing your wonderful quilt labels too.

  20. Perfect quilt & quilting for friend. XXX

  21. I love it! It is special in so many ways.

  22. So sweet! A beautiful small quilt.

  23. What a lovely gift. I do hope Jenine enjoys her new venture