Monday, August 22, 2016

Log Cabin Loonies

It's that time
when August's green corn moon is full
and all Log Cabin Loonies

report in to Julie K Quilts.

My report is that I've finished my
Strawberries and Chocolate log cabin.
 30" x 30"

You might remember that I pieced it 
from my
scrap basket collection of 
1 1/4" strips.

 I love running my hand over the surface
and feeling the texture created 

from perel cotton and a big stitch.

I'm going to be presenting a labeling
and documenting demo 
at one of my quilt groups next month so
I wanted to try a different technique and product
for my label.
I used the June Taylor Sew-In 
Colorfast Fabric Sheets for
the Ink Jet Printer. 

It was easy to design a label on the computer,
easy to print,

but, to be honest, I don't care for
the feel of the fabric after it's been set.
It has a plastic rubbery feel
and it was very difficult to needle
through when I added the perel cotton
stitching around the edge.

But I do have to add that the
photo transferring quality is excellent
and so much improved since this technique
was first introduced years ago.

Does anyone have a suggestion of a 
different product that
has a better feel?
I'd love to know.

Thanks, Julie
Your log cabin loony
sew along
has been crazy fun!

Until Next Time-


  1. Your strawberry log cabin quilt is scrumptious. Please share with us if you find another product that works better for the labels. I have that same aversion to the purchased printable sheets, they are just so stiff and have an unfriendly feel to them.

  2. Your strawberry and chocolate log cabin quilt turned out beautifully. I love the big stitch quilting. I bet it does feel wonderfully running your hand over all the textures. Sorry I can't help with the label issue. I have to say that your label looks wonderful. I love how you put a strawberry dripping chocolate as your picture. So fun.

  3. LOVE your Log Cabin Loonie! I have just pinned my Log Cabin together in the hopes of big stitch quilting in the same way that you did! It looks spectacular! Thanks for the push to get 'er done!

  4. what a pretty little quilt ; I love the color combination and the label issue is something that I have no clue about. I do think it looks great, though!

  5. Your Strawberries and Chocolate log cabin is delicious!! Love the back too! I don't have any suggestions for photo transfer labels - I agree with you that they are kinda stiff and plastic feeling. AND.... your photos are great. :-)

  6. You are so photogenic, Kyle. Maybe it is the moonglow that does it. *LOL*
    Love the little log cabin quilt--and you even hand quilted it. Great job!
    Beautiful photo transfer on the label.I have never used special label techniques, so I have no input. I'm just a "press a square into a triangle and stitch it to the corner with the binding" kind of gal. : )

  7. Your quilt and label are both beautiful! Pink and brown is such a lovely combination. I have tried printing labels that way, and agree that the feel isn't so nice. A friend prints directly on pieces of pre-washed cotton, but I'm not so sure that is permanent even after heat setting. We just had a guild presentation on labeling and soaking the fabric in some solution was mentioned--not sure what it was--I should pay closer attention--lol!

  8. Your quilt is delicious! I love the label even if it doesn't feel as soft as the rest of the quilt. I have used June Taylor before and it is a bit stiffer than others I have found. The one I used last time was made by Jacquard (Rupert, Gibbon & Spider, Inc. Healdsburg, CA). It is a bit softer than others I have tried. Love the image on your label!

  9. I love the pink and browns you used for this quilt! Who doesn't love strawberries and chocolates?

  10. Yummy pink and brown log cabin!! Very cute label too. My own experience is with using Caryl Bryer Fallert's products. Using my own fabric which is prepped first with her photo transfer solution and then run through my printer - my fabric is ironed onto freezer paper for backing stability while printing. I use Jenkins paper. After printing, let the label "set" for awhile and then place into Caryl's Bubble Set Rinse. This final stage allows for any washing of the quilt later. I use her Bubble Jet 2000 for Hewlett Packard printers. She makes 2 different types depending on your printer. Fabric is always as soft as your quilt. Because our printer is quite old, my label colors are not as good as they should be though. A newer printer would help!

  11. Your Strawberries & Chocolate Log Cabin quilt is Gorgeous!
    Love the fabrics, the hand quilting... ALL of it made for such a stunning finish.

  12. I do so love log cabins and had every intention of starting another one so I can join in. Now I am really kicking myself that I didnt. This is a great combination of colours and even more impressed you got them out of scraps! Love the label. Too bad it is horrible texture, but I guess technology will fix that it in time as well.

  13. I'm not sure which I love more - the name of your log cabin quilt or the fabrics. You have a really yummy selection of pinks (I always find a good pink very hard to come by). And that label is just the icing on the cake!

  14. Gorgeous!! I just love your pink and brown...and completed!!! quilt!! Thank you for sharing with us!!!

  15. LOVE the label!! And that strawberry looks so yummy!! I used to use something similar to make labels for the Quilts of Valor. I thought they were pretty cute as it had a picture of Superman (comic book version) and something about thanking our hero.

  16. What a lovely finish! The color combination is just perfect. I've been wanting to try big stitch quilting and printing labels on my printer and now you've inspired me to give both a try :)

  17. I could eat your quilt label! Looks luscious. I love strawberries.

  18. Well, the print quality is gorgeous, so I guess it's a trade off between soft and crisp. I started out with stitched labels, but I realized I can't do that every time. I'll save that for the big finishes. This is a nice cozy finish -- great job!

  19. What a great finish! The texture is always one of the best parts of the finish isn't it?:)

  20. Oh Kyle-Your quilt is beautiful! Such gorgeous colours and the perle quilting looks wonderful!! I print all my labels and don't like sewing through the stiffness of the fabric either. To get around that I sew quilt a cotton binding to the edges. It frames the label and is much easier to sew.

  21. As you know I love big stitches. The log cabin feels very warm and label quality is excellent!

  22. Love your Moon photos - and also you fabulous log cabin. the pink and brown combination is delicious......even though I'm more of a chocolate covered cherry girl :)

  23. This quilt looks good enough to eat Kyle! And the label is perfect! I have printed directly on muslin without any thing to preserve it except a squirt of spray starch. As long as the quilt isn't washed excessively it holds up pretty good. How many quilt groups do you belong to? I'd love to be in attendance at your presentation! Good luck!

  24. This turned out so pretty!! I love brown and pink together. Your lovely quilting adds some delicious texture :0) What a fantastic label! I wish I could come to your demo - I'm a label slacker...

  25. OH my goodness it's gorgeous! I love the big stitch and the colours and the label and everything about it!
    Congrats on a terrific finish!

  26. Your quilt looks that big stitch!

  27. What a fun post . . . your quilt is gorgeous and the label is sooooooooooooooooooo sweet :)
    It is always a pleasure visiting your lovely blog :)

  28. What a lovely little quilt! The only time I've ever used a photo transfer label it washed completely off the first time I washed the quilt. Oops. So I haven't tried that again. Yours is very pretty and the image is excellent.

  29. It does look delicious ! Colors are very pretty good job ! Pam