Monday, August 15, 2016

A Balanced Diet

 We all the know the importance
of eating a healthy and
a well balanced diet.
It's a way of maintaining good health
and making you feel your best.

Of course, the opposite is true.
Eating too little or too much 
of a certain food group
is unhealthy and can 
lead to all kinds of problems.

Lately, my quilting diet has
been all hand stitching.
It's one of my favorite things to do,
but most of my current projects
are either hand appliqued,
 English Paper Pieced,
or wool appliques.

The good thing is that 
I've finally gotten all of the parts
to my hexagon quilt finished. YAY!

But more hand stitching lays ahead.

It's all the small diamond shapes that 
are needed to connect the blocks together.
They're all prepped and ready to go, but 
I'm feeling the affects of an unbalanced diet...

 Burn Out!
Oh, No!

I needed some quick energy, 
some quick results,
some quick piecing!

Awhile ago a quilting friend's neighbor past away.
She was also a quilter.
And like all of us, she had many unfinished
"works of art".
Her family generously shared 
a lot of what was in her studio.
We passed projects and kits around 
and I finally took a kit for a French General pattern.

"La Fete De Noel"
The quilter had already started it,
but unfortunately, had cut a few things incorrectly,
and the pattern was missing.

I found the picture online
and sat down with a pencil and paper
and figured out the math.

And started sewing.
It tasted heavenly,
like when you crave a crispy green salad

when it's been missing from your diet.

Sections have come together quickly.
I'm feeling revived.

A couple more days and the top
will be together.
I'm being fueled
and feelin' good.

Until Next Time-


  1. I am loving that you are having a balanced diet!! It is sad when a quilter passes without finishing things, but I think that is maybe how it is going to be for me...I better go and sew faster!!

  2. It is so true Kyle. When you work on one labor intensive project for too long you feel burnt out on it for a bit. I find a quick cure for that is to make a mini quilt or a zipper pouch or anything that I can call "DONE" in a day or two. I love the French General quilt you are making and it will be done in time for Christmas which is an added bonus. Those hexies though are stunning. I love how the quilt looks. Well done.

  3. Great fun! Your classic hex is very pretty.
    A little machine sewing on your second life project looks to be just the right thing.
    Happy stitching!

  4. I can totally relate to the feeling of wanting to keep things balanced. I need a mix of handwork and machine piecing as well as machine quilting. I get bored with too much of one thing for too long. Switching gears feels so refreshing!

  5. Such a cute post! And I agree sometimes things do get out of balance.. and we get burned out.. but you hexie quilt is awesome. Love, love that Di Ford Hill fabric! And that French General kit is great and you are doing a great job!

  6. You had so much beauty to share in this post. I love your quilts. Hugs

  7. Oh how I can relate! You hit the nail directly on the head. Sometimes you just want to see instant progress. This is going to be lovely. You can't go wrong with any of the French General lines. Enjoy the process!

  8. The people that receive your works of art are blessed more than they probably realize. Hand stitching is becoming a thing of the past and a treasure to behold. I love hand work, but admit that I do more on the machine since I discovered the quilt as you go technique. You are a remarkable quilter and your talent and love shows in everything you do :)

  9. Your hexagons are gorgeous and that French General kit and fabrics to die for! Both will be beautiful and well worth the time that you are putting into them Kyle.

  10. I always have the habit to say : we can eat every thing we want but we must eat some little portions ! For the weight, that's better ! :)
    I love your hexies Kyle, they are beautiful !
    And you received a nice kit from the family of your poor friend... it will be perfect for Christmas !

  11. your fabric diet looks yummy, nothing like a dose of French General to get your mojo going!

  12. Your hexie project is going to be beautiful! I agree that sometimes you just need to sit at the sewing machine and do some piecing. I think that's why I have so many projects going--I just need to mix up my "diet"!

  13. Congratulations on completing all those hand pieced hexie blocks!
    Totally understand the burn out - what an awesome re-purposed/gifted quilt project.
    It's looking beautiful already!

  14. It's good to seeing you having a balanced diet. I agree it's good to change projects to spice things up. Your hexie look wonderfully tasty. Good on you for finishing the French general ufo.

  15. I think I recognize that border print you are using for the hexagons. I have it in another colorway.

  16. So true! I too feel the effects when my quilting gets unbalanced, usually toward the applique side.:) This is a great looking pattern to help you over the hump!

  17. Well said! Sometimes we need a spark to make a change. What fun to figure out The French General quilt. And your Di Ford hexies are lovely. Beautiful work!

  18. fun post - and Congratulations!!! on your hexie quilt!!! you are so close. The diamonds will go fast I think.
    great quilt ufo!
    I could eat a green salad every single day - yum
    the burnt toast is hilarious!

  19. I feel your pain...really! I'm working on two labor intense EPP/applique projects and my fingers and wrists are complaining. Whipping up a small machine project has crossed my mind more than once but Di Ford and Petra Prins keep nagging me.

  20. Another delightful post!
    Congrats on getting your hexagon parts made--and good luck on the little diamonds!!
    The French General quilt is very pretty--clever of you to figure it all out. You will probably have it quilted in time for Christmas. At my house the holiday quilts tend to marinate for a while before quilting--like, a few years. : )

  21. The hexagons are so pretty! And the French General quilt will be gorgeous, too. You put in a lot of time and and you get beautiful results.

  22. I had to laugh at that burnt toast! :)

    The hexie project is beautiful but it's nice to have a break and do some piecing...and how nice that you are working on this one that the other lady had started.

  23. I had to laugh at that burnt toast! :)

    The hexie project is beautiful but it's nice to have a break and do some piecing...and how nice that you are working on this one that the other lady had started.

  24. Fun post! I enjoyed it so much! Congrats about your hexagons ;)

  25. Well done on your progress with your hexies....looking great! Totally understand the need to change your diet; a quick fix is often the best remedy for sluggishness. Fab post!

  26. A wonderfully balanced finish on your neighbor's UFO - and a sweet way to pay tribute. All your handwork is moving along well but I know that feeling - sometimes you just need to hear the sound of the sewing machine running. That piece of burnt toast has me giggling - too funny!!!

  27. Your hexagons look wonderful!! I love your planned border print - gorgeous! The French General UFO will be lovely as well. I haven't sat down at my machine in weeks - I need some balance as well! I could probably use some more salad too - lol