Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It Can't Be Halloween

It's official.
There are only 165 days left until....


I've already begun seeing new fabric lines advertised,
along with patterns and projects.
So I guess, I'm not too far out off
by showing you what I've finally finished.

"Happy Halloween"

 It's the Halloween mystery quilt
They offered free block patterns 
for several months last year, but it was
a mystery, so there was no idea what
you were making.

Except that you were sewing
50 six inch blocks and
then setting them together with
 one inch checkerboard sashing strips.

The setting triangles are fun
because they resemble candy corn.

My machine quilter, Debi, did a great
job with an overall pattern of swirls and stars.

It seems that even the fabric is happy
with how this quilt turned out.

I had a couple of larger Halloween fabric pieces 
lurking in my closet that worked
out perfectly for the backing.

The strip is a ticking that I have been
hoarding / saving for years for just the right occasion. 

Thimble Creek Quilt Shop is starting
another new mystery, if you're interested.
You just have to sign up for their newsletter.

In fact, there's another one that's
 almost finished, but the patterns are
still available in the newsletter.
Check it out.

I've been working on that one.
Still six inch blocks,
but I chosen some cute brights to work with.

Here's an example of the 10
different blocks from this recent mystery. 
They should be publishing the finishing directions soon.
Can't wait to see how that one
goes together.

You may be laughing
at the fact that I just finished
a Halloween quilt, but remember
I'm 165 days ahead!

Until Next Time-


  1. Oh wow, I love, love, love that Halloween mystery quilt! Love it!!

  2. Well, Halloween has never been my favorite holiday, but you may just have changed my mind. What a fun and happy quilt! I have been hoarding (I mean saving) a piece of vintage Halloween fabric. You have inspired me to dig it out and play. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great fabrics and a Halloween quilt is always a fun and unexpected!

  4. WOW!! Your Halloween quilt is Spooktacular! You out did yourself! Also love the blocks that you are working on!!

  5. I love your halloween quilt. The blocks and setting make it really interesting. Love the colors. It is a happy quilt. Love the little smiley face in the quilting. Great job Kyle. It's a beautiful quilt. Congrats on finishing it early!

  6. Me I don't laugh because I know that Halloween is a VERY important moment for the Americans !
    So congratulations for this wonderful and amazing quilt !!

  7. Your Halloween mystery quilt turned out wonderfully! How clever to find that smiley face :0) I like your bright, happy mystery blocks too - I am eagerly waiting for the finishing instructions and trying to resist starting the new one.

  8. Woot Woot! I get that newsletter too, but sadly, haven't been tempted to make even one block (yet). I'll bet that checkerboard sashing was a lot of work, but definitely worth the effort in the finished quilt! I'm thinking you must have a very sizeable stash to pull fabrics for two such different projects! Bravo!

  9. Looks like you like mysteries! I've only done one mystery quilt and didn't like it. Guess I like more control? But yours are lovely! Were the Halloween fabrics in a kit or did you have all of those on hand?! Don't rush the fall on us so that you can get out your decorations; we're still waiting for spring here in IL!

  10. Another gorgeous quilt for your collection. Love the smiley face with the quilting. :)
    Great job Kyle!! The new blocks are beautiful. I have just signed for the newsletter, thank you!

  11. We don't do Halloween around here, but that is positively the cutest Halloween quilt I've ever seen! What fun! Those new blocks are so cheerful, if I weren't working on so many other projects right now I'd sign up too.

  12. I think its great that you are so organised! Not to mention how many finishes you have had lately. The quilt is lovely, all that piecing, it looks fantastic.

  13. Wow - great achievement - some complex little blocks in there! And now you can feel rightfully smug for the next 165 days till Halloween haha! Sometimes you just want to get a project finished don't you? and the new one is so pretty :)

  14. What a wonderful Halloween project!! Turned out fantastic.
    Love the little smiley face.
    Such a dramatic difference in your fabric choices on the other mystery. Isn't it fun to be able to switch it up?

  15. Oh, what a fun quilt and a great finish! Neat label, too! Can't wait to see how your next mystery quilt goes together :)

  16. I laughed when I saw this heading on my blog roll! Hallowe'en! But, yesterday I also saw the first ad for Christmas fabrics, and that was waaaay too early.

    Never mind, we finish when we finish, right? And this one is fun to look at any time. I remember the complaints about that grey/black setting, but it looks spectacular! And it's a wonderful set of blocks, too. Gorgeous finish, congratulations!

  17. Congrats on the wonderful Halloween quilt! You are definitely ahead of schedule and that's not a bad thing. :-) It's difficult to resist a mystery and you made good choices.

  18. WOW WOW!!! Absolutely amazing!!! Happy stitching ;)

  19. I remember the Thimble Creek sew-along. Aren't you clever to have figured out the number of days to Halloween. At least it isn't how many Christmas shopping days are left.

  20. I had to smile as the weather the last few days around here indicated that it COULD be Halloween! :) Congrats on your lovely finish!!!

  21. I had to smile as the weather the last few days around here indicated that it COULD be Halloween! :) Congrats on your lovely finish!!!

  22. A very exciting Halloween quilt! Love all your fabrics - I don't have a Halloween stash as such - maybe a few scraps of older Debbie Mumm stuff left. Think I need to be less serious and do something very fun and out of the box. Going to sign up for that newsletter now! Your projects always stir things up and make us want to jump in!!

  23. Bravo! I'm always starting a seasonal project on the eve of the holiday but you have brilliantly thought ahead. What a great quilt - your fabrics are perfect! And the second one isn't bad either...:)

  24. You crack me up! I love everything about this fun Halloween quilt. I also happen to love Vintagy Halloween postcards. Your new blocks are so fresh and pretty too -
    You always have something fun going on.

  25. That is a great Halloween quilt! All the piecing is beautiful as is this years blocks. Looking forward to seeing how they are set. Thanks for sharing!