Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cutting Corners

If someone says they are going
to cut corners, 
it usually means that they
are trying to do something in the
easiest, quickest or least expensive way.

 These short cuts could result in poor quality, 
shoddy work,
or even something illegal. 

But for a quilter, cutting corners
can mean something entirely different.
Okay, I admit 
I have been cutting corners 
this past week.
I've been designing corners
for my Noah and Matilda applique quilt.

I tried to get all four corners to match,
but the closest I could get
was 2 and 2.

So I settled for that.

 one set of corners

second set

Luckily, they ended up opposite of each other,
so it has a balanced look.

The quilt top is done,
and I've even marked feathered wreaths in the 
open squares for future hand quilting.

I used a light table and
a mechanical pencil with a very hard lead.
Hard to see, I know,  but that's the point.
Only I should be able to see it.

The backing 
which is a Minick and Simpson Moda fabric,
is waiting for 
 for me to feel inspired to crawl along
the floor to baste it all together.

 Well, that's the plan.
No corners were cut in the making of this quilt.
It's all in tip top shape.
I guess that's why it took 2 1/2 years 
to get this far,
 but that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

 Until Next Time-


  1. Your quilt top is stunning. So many hours of hard work. The backing is beautiful. I absolutely love that you are going to be doing feathers in the quilting. Congratulations on the finish.

  2. Just beautiful and the backing fabric is perfection. Looking forward to seeing it quilted! Well done and ONLY 2.5 years? Sounds like a record to me!

  3. Great finish, love the backing fabric. It’s just perfect.

  4. OMG...DDG!!! (drop dead gorgeous!!) Stunning! This is an heirloom in the making...and hand quilting the wreaths is the icing on the cake!! Make sure to wash the backing...I don't want anything happening to this quilt! Well done, Kyle!!!

  5. Ouch !! Oh là là...! What a masterpiece Kyle !! Congrats for this finish and good luck for the quilting but I think it will be just for pleasure with a top like this...
    Bravo !:)

  6. So gorgeous, Kyle! You always do beautiful work.
    Hey, I have a quilt that I needed to hand quilt that I had postponed for YEARS because I didn't want to crawl around and baste it. Finally took it to a longarm quilter last week and had her baste it for me on her machine. She had it done in an hour. Worth every penny!!

  7. I think corners like that add charm and authenticity - lots of gorgeous appliqued antique quilts have corners like that - It looks fabulous!! Feathered wreaths will be wonderful - I love feathers :0) The backing fabric I adore and that cookie looks pretty yummy too :0)

  8. I think your borders are perfect! I look forward to watching the quilting process. It is a stunning quilt!

  9. Your Noah and Matilda is looking wonderful and waiting for that first quilting stitch! The backing is fascinating - one of those prints that lends itself to being used in total or fussy cutting. A very nice choice. Personally, I always find that enjoying a cookie (& crumbles too) is always a way to celebrate the completion of a quilt top:-)

  10. Congratulations! An absolutely fabulous finish!! I think the corners are perfect! This top will be a joy to quilt. When you say a hard lead, what number did you use? I thought you might celebrate with some Noah and Matilda cupcakes!

  11. Love the corners! Can't wait to see the quilting progress. And I'm a sucker for most Minick & Simpson fabric - yours is a beauty!!

  12. Great post Kyle! I love your corners (nothing 'cut' about them ) and the top is just stunning- well worth the trouble! So glad you will be hand quilting this as it will be very special when finished :)

  13. Love everything about your Noah and Matilda quilt. It's a beauty and the corners are so charming! Can't wait for you to start quilting it. Great backing fabric, too!

  14. Love this project and your hard work resulting in such beauty :)

  15. Love this project and your hard work resulting in such beauty :)

  16. What a treasure your applique quilt will be when you put the last binding stitch in. I don't worry so much about corners not matching exactly. So many antique quilts had the same type problem but we still love those we see or are lucky enough to own.

  17. Hooray! I strive to do something hard on every quilt too. Your corners look great and it is in keeping with the style of the quilt.
    MMMmmm is there anything better than cookies and milk? Wine and Cheese is a close second :)

  18. Good things are worth waiting for. Love your quilt, enjoy the hand quilting.

  19. Wow! What a master piece! blessings, marlene

  20. Wwow Kyle - looks like you've made yourself another masterpiece and it will be even more spectacular with the hand quilting that you're planning to do! I wish I had your patience...

  21. Your Noah and Mathilda quilt is going to be just awsome! I love it!
    Great pictures of Memphis, that is a place that is on the bucket list for one of our future trips to the United States!

  22. I think your corners are excellent and very acceptable 2 x 2. That is the best way to go rather than muck it up trying to make things fit. I love what you have done. Now comes the best part. :-)

  23. Well, to me, the different solutions are just better, more interesting and "real." Congratulations, it is a gorgeous top, and with your quilting plan, it's going to be a real heirloom. Are you excited about it now? I would be. :D