Thursday, June 18, 2015

Influnced by Linda Brannock

 Recently I became aware that 
quilt designer and Moda fabric designer,
 Linda Brannock,
had passed away.
Barbara Brackman had written a 
nice blog tribute to Linda and her
contributions to the quilting world.

I never had the opportunity to take a class
from Linda or meet her,
but her designs and fabrics
have influenced my quilts over the years

Snowbound, 1990
When she and Gerry Kimmel and Jan Patek
published their book, Snowbound, in 1989
I was hooked.

Snowbound was a class that I taught many
times at my local quilt shop.
 Everyone always enjoyed adding details to 
 the children to make the quilt their own.
 It was an incredibly fun quilt to make.

Her primitive look was so refreshing
and casual.
It was so new at the time.

 Stars Within Hearts
The aged colors and fabric patterns gave a warmth
and mellowed look
to all her design.

Lone Cabin

The puzzle type or asymmetrical composition of the blocks
almost seemed revolutionary for a sampler.

Scrappy was also a key component.  Old quilting 
rules were abandoned.  Matchy was not necessary.
The more fabrics, the merrier.


Looking at these quilts today
the scrappiness is
pretty conservative in comparison to
what people do today.

Hand applique seemed to be her preferred method
to achieve the slightly
more primitive look.

Quilters were always encouraged in her books
to create our very own one-of-a-kind quilt.

My girls always thought Jonah resembled
Running Man and he did, kind of,
 minus the grey at the time.

 Pepper, Kitty

Plaids, strips, and prints all got used together
with these friendly Halloween kitties.

I've always loved her folk art style and

it has and will continue to
be a special part of my quilting journey.

Thanks, Linda.

Until Next Time-


  1. Great post and beautiful quilts.

  2. What a wonderful tribute to a great designer! Your quilts are GORGEOUS!

  3. A nice nod to a great quilting influence.You've made some wonderful projects from her designs!

  4. Very nice :0) Fun to see some of your older projects. I just love Jonah - he looks fairly calm in his tight quarters - lol

  5. We have made some of the same quilts only yours look so much more blue than mine. I have made the quilt with the snowmen and the kids sledding, the log cabin quilt and the arched cats.

  6. She had such s beautiful style and will be so missed!

  7. she was one of my favorites too. I think i have all her books. I made that same quilt with my kids on the sled!

  8. what a nice tribute to Nancy. I heard the sad news last week - your quilts are wonderful. I really love the Jonah!!

  9. Those Red Wagon days - what a special time that was. Your collection of quilts is wonderful - all the plaids and color palette so unique to those 3 ladies. That look was the foundation of my own quilt shop, the patterns & books, fabric and classes. Somehow it seemed like a gentler time...

  10. What a beautiful tribute post, and a wonderful show of so many of your beautiful quilts.

  11. What a joy to see all your beautiful quilts and read this very lovely tribute to Linda!

  12. A lovely post to honor Linda! You did a wonderful job on yours. I especially like the first one, I can see why you taught the class!

  13. I didn't see BB's post, but I think I learned a lot here, thank you! Are most of these quilts made from shirts? I like all those yarn dyes. Very inspirational!