Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Stars In Time Warp

Remember when I said I wasn't
on the slow boat to China anymore.

Well, this week,
I finally jumped off that boat
and jumped on the band wagon instead.

I started sewing 
Quilt Along.

I know many of you are already
participating in this once a week lesson  
on historical fabrics.

 The 6" sawtooth block
 is easy to piece.
I just started sewing the blocks last week.
My plan is to do 2 blocks each week.
All along, though, I've been
 pulling the perfect fabrics to
represent the particular color or style or
 certain time period that
Barbara writes about.

We just finished week 18,
but here is week 17
with conversation prints.
These prints are always fun.

I decided to make all of my
blocks with different light shirting prints.
 I know that might seem a bit controlled and boring,
but that's just me.

Week 15 was all about
woven plaids, one of my favorites.
I knew exactly what fabric I wanted to use
for one of the blocks.

When my daughter, Kate, was in 8th grade
one of her classes was called "Inquiry".
Each student was to study a topic of interest
and complete a project.
Her topic was historical costuming, women's clothing 
of the 1860's.

Her project was to sew a dress
based on the period.
With the help of a couple mentors
and her mom

 she completed her project.
Would you guess that Kate is
 a Museum Collections Manager?
 I'll be keeping up 
with Barbara's Time Warp Stars.
I'm learning so much.
It's a wonderful series.

Until Next Time-


  1. Your stars are beautiful! I love the controlled backgrounds. Very pretty and soothing. How wonderful that your daughter followed her passion! What a treasure.

  2. I agree with Wendy! Your stars are PERFECT!! And how amazing that your daughter stumbled onto her passion for historical artifacts early in life so that she could pursue it as a career! I love hearing stories like that! You must be so proud!

  3. Forgot to mention that I love the "band Wagon" image (and analogy)!

  4. Welcome!!! So glad you decided to join the bandwagon - happy to have you here!! LOL Your stars look great and you certainly did a good job of catching up. I look forward to seeing your progress.

  5. What great stars you've made! I need to join that bandwagon.
    Your daughter's project was fabulous!

  6. Your stars are wonderful! Now I need to catch up. I did the first week, but after that just kept writing down the fabric for each week. Seeing your stars makes me want to change that paper info into fabric blocks. Thanks for the push! And a lovely dress that your daughter made!

  7. Now your tempting me! Love this star and love reproduction prints, so might just pop over to have a look. I am so impressed with the dress your daughter made....even more impressed with the career result!

  8. Must be fun playing with all your fabrics - great stars! Love your daughter's dress - and it must have been a great experience just to wear a dress like that for a while - romantic... but imagine the restrictions it would bring to women.

  9. Your stars look so wonderful.The sailor/anchor fabric is brilliant!! I love that Barbara teaches about the fabrics as she goes along. It's a sew along I would have joined in if I didn't have so much on my plate. Kate's dress is so beatiful, what a great project to take on as an 8th grader.

  10. Your stars look wonderful! I sorta wish I had joined along with this - if only there was more hours in the day. Kate's dress is fabulous! I'm seriously impressed!

  11. How special to have a daughter who is so taken with history as it relates to how fabric was used - a wonderful rendition of a garment from the 1800's!! Your Stars In A Time Warp blocks are looking super - one of my stitching buddies is following along too..we had quite an email thread going earlier today and exchanged photos of California Gold fabrics from each of our stashes.

  12. A beautiful collection of stars!
    I love your daughter's dress. As a former historic re-enactor, I have sewn and worn many such dreses. It is pretty fun to represent that time period for a spell and then come home to my dishwasher, oven, microwave and washer/dryer! : )

  13. You put the pedal to the metal and made great progress in a short time on the stars.

    A complicated project for an 8th grader. I love the finished product. She seems to have known early what path in life she wanted to go down.

  14. Great stars and lovely pictures of your daughter. What an impressive project for and eighth grader.

  15. Amazing dress your daughter made - and at such a young age! Wow! That was the perfect fabric to use - I love to know the story behind projects and this will add a lot of meaning to your finished quilt, huh? I'd say she inherited some of your talents, for sure!

  16. Hooray! I'm so happy you are joining the fun. your blocks are terrific. I'm using all light shirtings too. Your fussy cuts are really fun. Wow! what a great dress you daughter made for her special project

  17. Kate's project is fantastic. Love your stars. A quilter can never have too many stars!

  18. Your stars look wonderful! Your daugther is so beautiful!

  19. Kate's dress is amazing! And your blocks are lovely, Kyle.

  20. I loved making that dress with you! :)

  21. I really enjoyed your post showing your daughter's wonderful dress. Glad you have jumped on board with the time warp stars. You are right they are easy to piece and so addictive. I got a bit ahead so have slowed down a bit, and I think maybe I am a bit behind now. Really like that first plaid block...thanks for sharing.

  22. You have made a wonderful collection of stars! I have been reading along, Barbara has a wealth of knowledge. Your daughter looks so precious in her period dress! What an ambitious project for an eight grader. it looks like she was already preparing for her career!