Thursday, May 7, 2015


Happy and sad
Light and dark
Salty and sweet

Life is full of contrasts.
Maybe it's what adds to the beauty and
interest in our lives.

Quilting offers so many contrasts
in styles and techniques.

Maybe that's what adds to our continued interest
in making quilts.
Maybe that's why I work
on multiple projects at a time,
the need for contrast.

There's a time for simple and fast.
There's a  time for slow and intricate.

I recently found myself wanting to sew something fast and easy.
There's nothing much simpler than starting with a panel,
and a border fabric.

It was a kit purchased
from Fat Quarter Shop online.
How simple is that.
I knew it would be perfect as
a cot quilt for one of my grandsons.

All the fabric arrived in the mail,
and I was off and sewing,
 speeding down the track.

Okay, it did have a mitered border,
 but even this needed a tiny challenge along the way.

Machine quilting was a must,
a little bit here and

a little bit more over there.
Ready, Set, Go, All Done.

In contrast to one of my other
projects, Montmellick
designed by Di Ford.

This was a quilt that required lots of English paper pieces,
and lots of appliqueing.
I recently did some machine quilting to
hold the layers together,
but now I'm filling in and highlighting
areas with hand quilting.

This is a quilt that has been intricate
and challenging.

 The quilt will still take many more hours
to complete.

Because quilting is full of contrasts,
we embrace each project.
A single quilt can
brings us highs and lows,
a connection to the past,
 and as well, as a connection to the present.
It can create challenging creative moments or
help us find the soothing rhythms
of stitching with needle and thread.
I love it all.

Until Next Time-


  1. Your hand quilting is beautiful. The panel race track is darling, and I am sure will host many great races!!

  2. The racing quilt might keep a little one awake instead of asleep. I can picture a child playing with little cars on top of it. Looks like fun.

  3. Love your post.:) The simple quilt will just as cherished as the more intricate one I'm sure!

  4. A great finish for your race cars :0) I love the handquilting you are adding to Montmellick - it's looking wonderful so far! I love the variety of your projects.

  5. Great cot quilt and I agree, machine quilting a must for kids(even big kids). Your Montmellick is lovely!

  6. So true - such a contrast in projects! Lovely cot quilt and I like the big quilt "stitches" in the print. Your hand quilting makes all the difference on Montmellick - beautifully done!

  7. The contrast and variety is a big part of why quilting appeals to me too. I can just imagine the fun a little boy will have with that cute racing track quilt, racing toy cars all over it. Your hand quilting is beautiful, I'm sure you're enjoying taking time to enjoy the work you have put into your Montmellick quilt.

  8. So true, nice to have something quick and easy, that results in a finish, then its good to have what my friend calls a "slow burn" project, one you enjoy making over a months or years!

  9. What a great post. I love your fun quilt! the big stitching looks great on.
    Your Di Ford quilt is stunning. It will be worth all your time in the end.

  10. A beautifully written post, Kyle. Love the way you have played up the contrast between your projects. Both of them are well made for their individual purpose. The quick projects give me the courage to go back to the slow-paced, intricate ones.
    That Montmellick quilt is stunning!

  11. That combination of hand and machine quilting is working extremely well, Kyle! It's looking really good, and I know it will be a treasure. Nice contrast indeed with the quick and fun panel. :D

  12. Your Montmellick is coming along nicely. It’s going to be so beautiful with all the hand quilting

  13. Lovely post Kyle. It's nice to have a bit of contrast, and a "quick and easy" can be just the ticket to getting back to the longer term projects.

  14. Your Mt Mellick is just gorgeous. I love the idea of mixing hand quilting along with machine. Cute Grandson quilt. Someone will have a lot of fun with it.

  15. I really enjoyed reading your post today!
    Well said for the emotions, trials and tribulations of quilting.
    Your Montmellick will make an amazing Legacy quilt and the Raceway will surely be Love Worn by your grandson.
    2 perfect treasures!