Thursday, April 23, 2015

Strung Together

On a recent spring day,
 I was driving past a 
preschool and the children were
out for a fresh air walk.
The teachers had the kiddos
all strung together with a walking rope
similar to this.
Everyone was in perfect step,
staying in place,
evenly spaced,
and not getting tangled.

It made me think of all the chain piecing
I've been doing this week.
Every piece side by side,

 in perfect harmony with it's neighbor.

I've started a new project.
It's been lingering on the shelf for about a year
waiting for the perfect moment.

I fell in love with the quilt on the cover
of Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke's book
Material Obsession,
Modern Quilts with Traditional Roots.

I think it was the polka dot background for a 
very traditional Dresden Plate that made me smile.
Sarah calls it "Dotty for Dresden".

I've chosen some bright,
  bold, clear color fabrics for the wedges.
And using the Nifty Notions 22.5 degree Wedge ruler

I had the 400 wedges cut out in no time.

These aren't arranged in any order, at the moment,
but it did give me a sense of how the fabrics will look
in a circle.

Nest step, is to
turn and press each wedge.
I used my "Purple Thang" to get
a perfect crisp point without 
poking a hole in the end.

I think I'll find myself
back in the rhythm of 
walking in step
as I get all the turning and pressing finished up.

Thought I'd also share an "Earth Day" photo
taken yesterday from my family room window
of Long's Peak
 located in Rocky Mountain National Park.
 It's a pretty dominate peak at 14,259'
along the front range here in Colorado.
That's Mount Meeker on the left at a mere 13,916'.
RMNP is celebrating it's centennial anniversary.
It's a beautiful place to visit and I hope 
to get the park soon to enjoy 
this magnificent place.

Hope you have a chance to enjoy a place 
that's spectacular too.

Until Next Time-


  1. I just recently purchased a Dresden shape ruler. Wonder where I put it. Have you ever sewn in a chain like that and the bobbin thread runs out and you don't realize it?

    1. LOL. Absolutely! Doesn't that just kill you. This time I seemed to be paying attention better and caught the end of the bobbin with only a few wedges going free.

  2. This looks like fun, so bright and cheerful!

  3. This cover quilt provided me with the inspiration to make a Dresden Quilt too! Loved it! So happy and dotty! Can't wait to see yours!

  4. What a delightful quilt! That must be fun to work with those fresh colors.
    Love the photo of the mountains--you know how I love the Rockies!! : )
    Having been a preschool teacher, I enjoyed the photo of the kiddos, too.

  5. Oh I like that quilt too! What a fun, bright project for spring :0) It will be fun to watch your progress. You have a pretty incredible view from your family room - beautiful!

  6. What a great pattern! Looks like a very fun, happy quilt.:)

  7. Isn't that a fun quilt with all its dotty goodness! When I chain piece I'm reminded of colourful Tibetan prayer flags, your analogy of children walking in formation is so sweet. Happy dresdan sewing!!

  8. What a beautiful view! I love dresden plate quilts, yours is going to look gorgeous with all those lovely fun, summery colours, enjoy.

  9. What a cheerful project you're working on - perfect to celebrate spring and warmer temperatures! Dresden blades are fun to make - how many blades to make up a whole plate? I know there are different angles and I like the ones with lots of sections the best. Can't wait to see this as it develops!

  10. Your mountain view is fabulous - everytime we return from Alaska, Wisconsin seems so flat! Those are luscious fabrics you are playing with - such a fun quilt from the book. Have a good time stitching.

  11. That's going to be gorgeous, Kyle.

  12. I've been thinking about making a Dresden Plate quilt ... and now I'm even more determined. I can't wait to see yours ... it's going to be fabulous, I'm sure. And wow, what a view you have. We visited RMNP a few years back and while we are most definitely beach people, we loved our visit and would like to return some day.

  13. Their book are always so inspirational as are your blog posts. You live in such a beautiful area of our country.

  14. Looks like a fun quilt to make and I love your happy fabrics. The scenery is breathtaking!

  15. Oh My! is this your view everyday? I love the rockies. I first saw them when I was 12 and thought they were part of the sky from a distance.
    Your project looks so fun and festive. Love your colors!