Thursday, April 9, 2015

It Was Like Wrestling A Giant Squid

This week has been quite the
sewing week.

In fact, I've felt a bit
like Captain Nemo,
of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,

 wrestling a giant squid
on top of a submarine.

The reason is
because I've been adding the final border
to the Mountmellick quilt.

Don't let anyone kid you
that adding borders is the easiest part.
I created my final border
by sewing two border prints together.

Of course, the idea is to make it look 
like it's not pieced.
It took quite a few unsews, repositionings,
and seam allowance adjustments
 to get it right.

Then the quilt turned into a menacing squid.
 The extra long border pieces needed
for mitered corners,
 turned into tentacles.

They seemed to be dangling and
 tangling everywhere.

It really did take awhile to 
get the corners sewn.
They're not perfect, but
it's the best I could do
while on top of that submarine.
1-2 threads off
 can make a disjointed mitered corner.

I still have the last bit of corner applique
to finish and

 then it's on to the quilting.
my squid wrestling days are over.

Until Next Time-


  1. Wow! It looks incredible! Your extra effort definitely paid off with your lovely borders.:)

  2. Your work paid off!! The squid is vanquished!!! (And your quilt is so very pretty!)

  3. I am in awe of your squid wrestling skills, I have never attempted a mitred border and now I dont think I will! The quilt looks fabulous, what a great feeling to be nearly finished!

  4. Wow Kyle - I wonder if my quilt will ever get to this stage? I love that you pieced your last border - it's gorgeous! (the character in the book I'm reading is also reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)

  5. You certainly show that squid a thing or two! The borders look amazing and so perfect. This is such an amazing quilt!! Will you hand quilt it?

  6. What a lovely effect you achieved with that pieced border. Turned out splendid!

  7. Great job, it looks perfect to me! Pat yourself on the back!

  8. Oh wow!! She is magnificent! A nice feeling to have this one at the quilter!! Well done!

  9. I can' t believe it! This work is wonderful and I think the squid turned into a piece of art. You must be very proud!

  10. It looks fabulous!! You did a fantastic job on this quilt! Congratulations on finishing it!

  11. Well done Captain Nemo!! I salute you!!! Your final borders look wonderful...I have yet to reach that point - still piecing those 36 stars as time allows. You will probably be well along with the quilting long before my borders are complete.

  12. It looks fabulous to me. You are to be commended!

    And I can relate to the wrestling a giant squid - that's exactly how I felt when stitching the binding on my grandson's quilt (it was a large queen sized quilt). I imagine I'll feel the same way when it comes time to stitch down the binding on my current quilt (a large king sized quilt). :-o

  13. Your borders look fantastic Kyle! I can't see that there is a seam there - all your fussing paid off. What a gorgeous quilt! The mitred borders are the icing on the cake!

  14. I have had the same experience doing mitered borders with border prints. That was back in my Jinney Beyer phase.

  15. Yay! Congratulations Squid Wrangler!! The borders look fab.

  16. Your mitred borders turned out beautiful. Congratulations on all the hard work - this top is Stunning!

  17. LOL, I know the feeling! But, what a great result! Job well done. :D

  18. Wow I think you did an amazing job!! I've pieced border prints and its not eash - yours look perfect. The mitered corners are amazing.
    You sure did slay that squid!!

  19. Fantastic precision! Another great quilt.

  20. It's so beautiful! Your borders look perfect!