Friday, February 6, 2015

Do Not Attempt This

 Tip for the day.

Unless you want your
eyes to pop out
from eye strain,

if you want to 
go absolutely crazy,

Do Not
attempt to quilt on a black wool quilt 
with black perel cotton 
at night.

Do this
ONLY if you happen to be 
a cute little owl.

Until Next Time-


  1. Great advice!! Binding with black is tough at night now too!

  2. The older I get, the harder to do black on black.

  3. Too funny! I am always amazed when I see an early wholecloth wool quilt. I've always wondered how they could quilt with indigo thread on an indigo background under lamp (or candle) light. Now I know not to even attempt it! Love the quilt.

  4. LOL--I have tried this and I know it isn't easy, no matter how much light I can focus on the project.
    Cute post--love that little owl. : )

  5. Oh dear! Sounds like you had a not so fun evening... If it's any consolation, I think it looks lovely :0)

  6. Are you determind for that quilt to drive you crazy? So good to hear that you are up to the quilting stage. You hung in there! Yay!

  7. Oh why do we do these things to ourselves! We have all picked dark backgrounds because they look best, but somehow (like childbirth) we conveniently forget the consequences that awaits us at the end of the project! Hmm perhaps this one can wait until longer days - and daylight for quilting?

  8. LOL!! Yes I can see how that would be tricky. It's looking great though!!

  9. You poor thing! thanks for the heads up on that one but it does look pretty:)

  10. You're too funny. Is there ever enough light to see black thread on black fabric? Of course, the good news is no one will be able to tell what your stitches look like.

  11. Why oh why do we do this to ourselves!

  12. Urgh! But it is looking great tho'. Should you be eating more carrots so you can see in the dark???

  13. Ha Ha!
    I've been there! I quilted on black with black thread. I called it my Asian Torture quilt, lol

  14. I can totally understand the problem. I don't even think an Ott light would help in that situation! LOL