Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Little R & R

While snowflakes have been falling at home,
I have been hanging out 
in South Florida.

The weather there was unseasonably cool,
(cold for those who call Florida home),
but at least no snow.

We started and finished our trip
on the west coast, the gulf side.
We stayed in a cottage yards away from
the beach and slept to the sound

 of the waves.

 We searched for prehistoric shark teeth
along the beaches,


 did the shell seeker stoop.
We visited with friends who
thought the best way to get to dinner
was via their boat along the 
Intercoastal waterway.
It was the most interesting way I think I've ever
gone to a restaurant.

You couldn't worry about what

your hair looked like when you got there, though.

Our daughter met us over in Naples over the weekend
and it was fun to act like tourists.
First we visited
Thomas Edison's and Henry Ford's Winter
Estate and Gardens in Fort Meyers.
Really lovely gardens.

One of Edison's lab

These were two very interesting men
who changed the world.

And what else do you want to see when you're in 
southern Florida?
Why the Everglades, of course.

And what do you find in the Everglades?
Why alligators, of course.
Sometimes you have to wrestle them
into submission,

and other times just
quietly walk around them
when they're blocking the path.

The most exciting new thing we got to see
were the manatees.
Well, in reality
we saw their noses
and a shadow of their bodies.

But if I were underwater
 this is what I would see.
Aren't they cute?

 You also need to be constantly searching for
the illusive flamingo.

Boy, were we ever lucky
we saw a whole flock.

Until Next Time-


  1. WOW!! What a wonderful holiday!! Looks fantastic! Give me beaches to snow anytime!!

  2. You have such a delightful way of writing, Kyle. I enjoyed the review of your R & R. Looks like you had a marvelous time. Love the photo of you and your alligator friend. : )

  3. Oh My! What a great time you had! I've never been to Florida, but I think this must be the best time of year to go so you don't have to deal with the heat & humidity, huh? Fun that you had friends & family to visit with while you were there. I had to do a double take with that picture of you & the alligator - I thought you were so brave at first! LOL So was this trip a total break from stitching, or did you take some handwork with you? Maybe find a quilt shop to visit?

  4. What a wonderful getaway you had ! Welcome Home :-D

  5. Looks like a fun trip! We are going in April, I can't wait!

  6. It sounds like you had a lovely trip! It's good to escape winter for a bit!!

  7. Looks like a great way to pass the winter!

  8. omg you're killing me! I loved all your travel photos - especially the gators - ??
    I love manatees, such gentle sweet creatures. I love shelling and haven't ever thought of looking for shark teeth.
    Wow, what a great trip, thanks for sharing

  9. Love your wildlife shots, you must have been taking hints from David Attenborough!

  10. Florida looks fantastic!! You did such a range of fun things. How fascinating to see Edisons lab, and Henry Fords gardens would be beautiful. I'm glad you didn't get eaten by alligaters so you could share the flock of flamingoes with us.

  11. Sure looks warmer there then the upper midwest! I was born in Miami - what am I doing in the Frozen Tundra of Wisconsin? Nice that you could get away on such afun trip!

  12. A nice change of climate - love the flamingos!

  13. Sounds wonderfully relaxing Kyle - except for the wrestling of alligators ;)
    Adorable manatees!

  14. Glad you enjoyed your escape from winter. Thanks for sharing your adventures. Beautiful gardens and homes!!

  15. You are a lucky girl - I haven't made it to the beach in forever. :( blessings, marlene

  16. If you're still in the Ft Myers area......head to Norman Love's Chocolate Shop.....you won't be sorry!

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