Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to School

No, I'm not heading back to school.
Thank goodness, but
tomorrow the school bells will be ringing
to signal the first day of school here in Fort Collins.
I haven't had time to work 
on my projects and do any sewing this past week.
Instead I've been helping my daughter, Jessica 
get her fourth grade classroom set up.

She's switching grade levels
and has tons of things to do.
 She'll be working with the "big kids" now,
4th graders.

If you've ever been a classroom teacher,
or know somebody who is,
than you realize the time and effort and $
that most teachers put into their job.

The classroom environment 
sets the stage for motivation and learning

 and for good behavior.

Creating a warm, inviting
and well run room doesn't just happen.
It takes a lot of thought and planning to have

a colorful,




start to the new school year.
I know of some lucky 4th graders
who are going to have a terrific year!

Until Next Time-


  1. An under appreciated profession. Wish my grandchildren could be in her classroom!

  2. Looks like she has it all together. My degree is in early childhood ed. Good teachers are worth their weight in gold!

  3. I loved school. I don't remember such nicely decorated classrooms when I was in grade school (many, many moons ago). Are you going to be taking care of any grandchildren?

  4. This post sure brings back memories. My youngest daughter taught elementary school for 6 years and it seemed like she was always changing grade levels. Sure is a lot of work for everyone.

  5. She looks ready for her 4th graders :-D

    I used to help in the classroom when my girls were little and have learned to appreciate teachers and all of the $ out of there own pockets for supplies for their kids

  6. Your daughter's room looks ready! You guys did a great job! My Mom taught 4th grade for many, many years. I know how much she put into, time, money and effort! I hope your daughter will enjoy her school year.

  7. yes! they are lucky to have Mrs. Wolfe :)

  8. Your daughter must be a wonderful teacher! My granddaughter is going into the fourth grade, and she will have the same teacher her mom, my daughter, did. Fourth grade does seem grown up. Here's to a happy school year for them both!

  9. Teachers are so important! Very fun you could help,your daughter get setup. Job well done.

  10. Hi Kyle - My new DIL is beginning her second year teaching 5th grade, and like you, I didn't know how MUCH work a teacher puts in until I knew her. Last week I spent six hours one day helping her set up her classroom (she moved down the hall) - hot with no air conditioning! Whew! Can't imagine what it will be like when school starts next week and there are 30 little bodies in there with her! And the technology that they use now boggles my mind - so interesting to me......

  11. Your daughter's classroom looks warm and inviting - the kids will be off to a good start! Always surprises me how much each teacher must pay out of pocket for supplies while governments continue to hack away at school budgets and spend $$ on less vital ptojects. ...go figure.
    All the best to everyone who teaches!

  12. I remember how wonderful it was each day on the first day of class to walk into my new classroom. New clothes, new school supplies. It was just the best feeling, excited and a little nervous. I still always make sure that at least one element of clothing I wear on the first day of the semester is new. It's my homage to that lovely childhood thrill. Jessica's classroom looks great. What lucky students she has!

  13. My Mum was a primary school teacher and I loved going with her to set up the class room (my high school started later than the primary school). Wishing your gorgeous daughter all the best for her new school year with the new grade - I'm sure she'll do a fabulous job!

  14. I'm sure she'lldo a fabulous job. I was a kindergarden teacher.