Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Little R & R

 Last week we did some traveling
and headed to the mitten state.

It was time for some R & R,
sprinkled with family reunions,
a christening, and a wedding.

The "cousins" hadn't
been together for a very long time.

And since the last time,
look how many "second cousins"
have joined the family.
 (Owl not included)

Baby Oliver
had to have his own separate picture.
All of this commotion was just too much
for a 6 month old.

My daughter, Kate and husband, Bobby
even came and joined in from Florida.
You can read all about the road trip here
that my girls and their families had
coming all the way from Colorado.
Running Man and I had the sense
to fly.

We all came to celebrate
a wedding
a christening
(Oliver and his God parents)

Conked out again.

Throw in some good eats
from Zingerman's Deli in Ann Arbor,

a walk through the University of Michigan's
Botanical Gardens,
and add some
you have the perfect combo
(photo by Jessica Wolfe)
 for a perfect vacation.
Until Next Time-


  1. How wonderful! Family reunions are the best!!!

  2. great pictures, wonderful memories….
    Did you use to live in MIchigan??? I did!

  3. I'm originally from Michigan but live in New Jersey now. Ann Arbor, and especially Zingerman's, is always a good place to visit. Weddings and christenings are a good reason to travel.

  4. Good times with family. Looks like a happy, loving group. How nice that you are able to come together and support each other for important moments!

  5. Such a lovely way to spend part of your summer. Time does go by too fast, doesn't it? That was quite a change in the cousins! Super sweet little baby, too.

  6. beautiful family and what wonderful things to celebrate!

  7. What a lovely record of family catching up and having some fun.

  8. It looks like you had a joyful family reunion! Beautiful family! So glad you got to go.

  9. Goog times with a beatiful family! Sil

  10. I have never heard Michigan referred to as the "mitten state". But I am sure you would need a pair or two there in the winter.

  11. Glad everyone had good times and safe travels!

  12. Beautiful family photos from memorable days and events. Thanks for letting us peek in on all the goings on. I especially love the photos of the cousins and second cousins. Those are the photos that bear re-creating again in the years to come, for comparison of how people have changed. I love seeing all the smiles. Definitely happy days.