Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Time to Applique Again

With the holidays,
who can sit with idle hands.
It's a hard thing for me to usually do.

Although I do admit,
there are some evenings when a 
comfy spot of the couch 
is the perfect ending to a busy day.

But with most of the
holiday preparation done,
look what's found it's way back out
and into my hands.

The Roseville Album Quilt

I still had one more corner block
cut out and ready to applique.
 This particular block doesn't have
a lot of layering of the pieces.

So I used the plastic overlay
and positioned everything
at one time,

and then basted them in position.

I'm hoping this will save me
time stopping and positioning the pieces
one after another.

Each of these blocks have been an
applique challenge with the shapes and
sizes of the pieces.
Maybe that's why I haven't worked on it
There are times when I get
a little frustrated and tired of the slow process
of this particular project.

So as a reminder to myself
and maybe to you as well,
during the holiday season...
Enjoy each moment
that you are blessed with.

Until Next Time-


  1. I have only seen this quilt done in the brights of Kaffe Fassett. I will watch closely as you execute it in reproductions! Long term project for sure.

  2. Kyle: I LOVE this quilt and the way your applique looks! Where can I learn to applique? Are there classes here in FC? I've done a little quilting in years past, but this really sparked an interest for something for a bedroom upstairs. You are really good - but I do love this. Thanks for sharing. -Susan

  3. This is going to be such a masterpiece and heirloom! Wow, I would never dare attempt it (of course, I don't applique). I am extremely impressed!!

  4. What a beauty! Congratulations on being ready for Christmas.

  5. I did not remember that you were working on this quilt. It takes some patience to make the blocks for this design! Have you seen the Scrap Saver Baltimore quilt design you can purchase through Sentimental Quilts? I am getting the patterns.....and just saving them.

  6. Thank you for that giggle - I so needed it....and the reminder!! Your appliqué looks beautiful - have fun with it!

  7. great reminder - your quilt is going to be stunning and so worth it