Friday, December 6, 2013

In and Out, Start and Finish

With Thanksgiving over,
it was time to take some things out
of the picture
"Turkey Jack"

and bring some other things in.

 With such a short time between holidays,
there's not much time to waste.

Some of the quilts I started recently
are now Finished!

A new flannel quilt
for a big boy bed.

Pretty simple, with
preprinted snowman fabric.

I only wanted to machine quilted between the snowmen.
But the design didn't have straight lines to
follow so I used a serpentine stitch and
aimed for the middle.
A perfect quilt for a little guy to
snuggle under.

The other quilt I had started was 
another simple pattern using 
 blue plaid half square triangles set
together with the Robert Kaufman's
Essex Yarn Dyed fabric that is
55% linen.

Quick and easy.
I machine quilted between the plaids 
and solid, but decided it needs something more
to make it my own.
I pulled out some perle cotton and 
did big stitches to 
define the asymmetrical diagonal pattern even more.

Some 1 1/4 wide blue painters tape was
just the right width.
I threaded two needles 
to work both sides of the tape at the same time and 

easily stitched perfectly straight lines.

Another finish

This is feeling pretty good.

Until Next Time-


  1. Lots of light blue plaids in your stash. Something I used to have but very little of any more. Yours made into a cozy and comfy looking quilt.

  2. That snuggly flannel snowman quilt appears to have made someone very happy!
    I LOVE that second quilt. What a great look! Good for you with the hand quilting. It is just the right touch, I think.

  3. I love your 2nd quilt esp. That perle Cotton stitching is perfect!

  4. Two very beautiful finishes!
    I love to see perle cotton utility stitches in quilts and yours are fabulous!
    Happy Holidays!

  5. Love your little guys quilt, as does he it looks like, and your blue quilt!

  6. Adorable quilt - and he looks delighted!! You are ahead of me - my dining room tanle has pumpkins on it and a few boxes of Christmas things - need to get moving! No more mixed seasons!

  7. Love them both! Flannel quilts are so warm....and I love the big stitch. :) blessings, marlene

  8. Both great finishes. Great idea to use the perle cotton and big stitch quilting on the plaid quilt...makes it look so comfy.

  9. Sweet projects. That little smiling guy says it all :-)
    Enjoy your decorating and stay warm!

  10. what a cuddly and cute quilt for the big boy!
    the time is flying by between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year!!