Monday, March 11, 2013

March Quilts

Every month seems to have a
certain color associated with it.

The month of March seems like
a transition month, from winter 
to spring, but we still
seem to associate the color green with it
 because of St. Patrick's Day.

When I looked at my quilts
for anything that was predominately green,
guess what, 
I don't have any.

Green is just not my color.
Of course, I use it, but
not as the primary color.

So the first quilt I wanted  to share will
represent March with
its green border.

This quilt is a reproduction of an
1865 crib quilt.
The pattern was first published in the
American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.

"Looking  Back"
It was fun combining the turkey reds
with the chrome orange or cheddar.

The flying geese didn't stay strict in
the light and dark placement and
the fabrics came from my stash
and were old even 12 years ago.

The sawtooth border, next to the binding,
was fun to do.
It was a straight strip of fabric with clips and 
marks and the edges were folded back as you went 
to create the triangles.   
That way, you weren't working 
with bias edges as it was appliqued.

I had this great piece that worked perfectly for the backing.
It was bold and bright with all 
of the colors included.

The other quilt I wanted to share,
is about springtime.

"Aprons From the Past"
Finished 2001
Started 1996

I belonged to a wonderful quilt group and we 
called ourselves the "Pinheads".
We didn't think of the name in negative terms,
but more as a laugh at ourselves.

When we started meeting together
we were all 
moms with small children, so
I don't think I have to explain more.

This quilt was an exchange of HST's.

We all did something different with them
and I loved combining them into the heart blocks.

This actually was  the first quilt I had machine quilted.

It has a lot of quilting on it,
and it actually became pretty stiff.

I've never used it because of that.
I don't wash my quilts too often, but maybe that 
would soften it up just a bit.

Labels are so important.

It's always fun to look back over our collections
of quilts and see
where our color preferences have been or
what the styles were at one time.
Each one is a special as they
continue to document our quilting journey.

Until Next Time-


  1. Your quilts are so timeless and beautiful! Surprised to hear the hearts quilt is stiff, it looks soft and cuddly. I think a couple of gentle washings and drying on low heat might soften it to your liking, though I totally understand your not wanting to launder them frequently! It's just too beautiful not to use it!

  2. I so enjoyed seeing your crib quilt inspired by the past...pretty!! Your hand quilting is wonderful. And hearts are so pretty, the colors in your quilt are just right for spring.

  3. Love that red/cheddar/green quilt. Your hand quilting looks great!
    The soft, 30s colored hearts are very pretty--too bad the quilt isn't soft. I'd probably want to try a gentle wash, even though I don't wash my quilts too often, either.

  4. I love your crib quilt finish. I have looked at that pattern so many times throughout the years and considered making it. Yours is beautiful! Love your hand quilting.:)

  5. OH My I love both of these quilts but that first quilt is one I have always admired and LOVED everytime I see the antique quilt in a book, would love to make that quilt. do you still have the magazine?
    the heart quilt well I love 30's so this one is special too.
    I love your labels I wish mine were as creative and pretty!

  6. Beautiful springtime quilts. Your hand quilting and machine quilting is stunning. I just love the look of heavy quilting on a white quilt -
    happy Spring!

  7. I whine each year about not having a quilt of some kind for St. Patrick's Day display. I do not have a green quilt though I use green in many that I make. Just yesterday, Temecula Quilt Company showed a little quilt done in green's that has inspired me enough to do one. Then last evening, I discovered I had embroidered a basket pattern that is St. Patrick's Day themed. I never did anything with the piece. I should add a border, quilt and be done.

  8. Two lovely quilts! Thank you for sharing them.Your quilting is wonderful, both hand and machine.

  9. Your quilts are beautiful. I especially love the first one. Hugs

  10. These quilts are gorgeous, Kyle! Thanks for sharing them!