Thursday, March 28, 2013

An Elf?

 Do you remember the story of the 
Elves and the Shoemaker?

At night the shoemaker would leave pieces of leather
on his workbench and in the
morning he'd find  a new pair of shoes
 magically stitched together.
The poor shoemaker was thankful to receive this
 help from his mysterious helpers.

The same thing has been happening to me.
I had started one of my wool blocks, but
hadn't had time to finish it.

But look what I found!
The block was finished with
beautiful buttonhold stitching 
around every wool piece.

In the fairy tale
the shoemaker eventually discovered
who was helping him.

I think I've discovered my 
secret helper too.
Thanks, Elizabeth!
  Until Next time-


  1. What a generous gift that was from your wonderful secret helper!
    This is such a lovely block!

  2. That story is just like my favorite Beatrix Potter tale with the mice and the buttonhole twist! I always wanted those little mice to come visit me, and finish my work so perfectly! How lucky you are! And that block is lovely!

  3. What a wonderful Elf you have. Hugs

  4. How very sweet. Does your elf need a new job? : )

  5. I wish I had an elf at my house@
    Loved your story!
    Happy Easter

  6. Wow, not much better than a secret helper in the house. Such a skilled stitcher too!