Monday, September 10, 2012


 Did you feel it?
I hope not.

I'm sure the Seismologists had an unexplained
high reading on their equipment yesterday afternoon.

If they pinpointed the disturbance,
they would have found it came from my house.

It was created by the extra loud
The stomping of feet,
the banging of my head on the sewing machine,
and the
aggressive ripping from
"Jack, the Ripper."

I have come to the conclusion
that paper piecing is not for me.

I was working on the 
Just Takes 2 blocks.

This simple airplane block 
to be exact.
I had the worse time.
When I would try to sew the background pieces
up against the angle of the red,
they would never cover the area it was suppose to.

Rip, rip, rip, rip.

If I had known it would be so challenging,
I could have cut out the pieces and sewn
it the regular way.

I certainly would have had it done faster.
I can't even tell you how I got the 
block to be right.

But I can tell you,
I won't be paper piecing
these blocks again.
I'd rather hand piece the hard ones.

I wasn't happy.

(I'm better now)

Until Next Time-


  1. I hate when sewing is not fun and relaxing.
    Glad your better

  2. I understand your frustration!! It does look good though.

  3. Pretty block. Now see, with my method, you never fold over and have it not fit. Just sayin'. :)

  4. You're so funny. I'm with you on paper's too short.