Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tomorrow's, today?

When I'm working on a project,
 I try to mentally divide it up into doable sections. 
 I never have large segments 
of time to just sew.

 So I gather small slices of time through
 out the day and
 try and get my quota done.

 A typical day is NOT
completing the planned part
then moving  it forward to another time.
 As Scarlet says, "There's always another day".
I don't put pressure on myself.

 But sometimes I do finish what I've had planned!

 Then I'm in a quandary.
 Do I do tomorrow's, today? 
Or do enjoy a serendipity moment? 

Does that make sense?
 What I mean is, 
do I keep going forward on the project of the day 
knowing that I have more days
 when I don't get what I want accomplished 
so for a moment I would be ahead
 do I celebrate the fact 
that I completed my stint for the day
 and can work on something I hadn't expected to? 

What's your approach?

 To be honest, 
I usually take the first road, but
yesterday I took the path least traveled
and it was a nice thing.

  Until Next Time-


  1. I would start on tomorrow's today. I try to set reasonable goals and then go beyond them when planning stitching projects. But that is me.

  2. I usually keep going if I have the groove on :) Beautiful block! Has that baby of your's had her beautiful baby yet? Hope so, it sure is hot out.

  3. I'm mostly a "keep going" kind of girl. I'm rarely "in the groove" and when I am it's best to take advantage. You never know when life is going to get in the way - and it always does.

  4. well I probably would move on to something else as a reward for finishing what i had planned for today!
    never want to be bored ! and love seeing progress on multiple projects!
    have fun