Monday, July 23, 2012

Baby Stuff

How many times have I said,
 "I could have (should have) thought of that and
 made a million dollars."

If you haven't taken care of any babies
for awhile,
there's some nifty
products on the market that are really great. 

One is

the Bumbo Baby Chair.
It was great for learning to sit up,
Sanford uses it like a highchair when he's not home
It's comfy and fun.

Remember the yucky diaper pails,
now,at least with disposable diapers, you can
use a Diaper Genie.

You drop the diaper in the top,
when the lid closes it twists the 
plastic liner to seal the diaper in.
When you empty it, you have a diaper sausage.
No mess, no smell.

 San, the man, is learning to use a sippy cup.
They use to be more drippy than sippy.

Now they don't.
It's a miracle.

San, is also enjoying feeding himself.
How does he do this?
With one of these,
a Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder.
Pop some bananas, avocado, inside the 
mesh bag and let him gum away.
 What a treat.

Old Nana, new babies,
and lots of fun stuff.
(helpful info if you have to go 
to a baby shower any time soon.)
   Until Next Time-


  1. Products that would have been nice to have when our kids were babies. When my kids were little, there weren't seat belts in cars. We had a car seat with a little steering wheel for the baby to play with. Those were outlawed years ago.

  2. Woa! That is quite the mohawk Sanford is sporting! :) haha

  3. All those new products, wow. How did we manage?

  4. Oh for time travel . . . we could make a fortune!