Friday, February 4, 2011

Fabulous Friday

For Today:
Looking Out My Window: The lake is frozen solid so I ventured out to see what it was like out there.
Fun, even without skates

My Weekend Plans Include: Well, plans come and go.  And ours went.  The plan was to fly to Houston today for Ed's 100 mile race.  There are no planes flying into Houston today in order for us to get there.  So his big race is off.  Hopefully, it's just temporarily postponed until he finds another somewhere else.. All of his training and dedication will have to be redirected to another venue.  He's pretty bummed.

I’m Reading: Absolutely Beautiful Containers by Sue Amatangelo. With all this freezing weather, I'm looking ahead.  If only I could  be planning and planting flowers.

Movie Marquee: More of The Office, season 6.

Something Quiltie: I've been hand quilting this week.  My Ocean Wave antique quilt is looking great.  It seems like I use to be faster at this.  Maybe I use to sit longer and stay focused or I'm just savoring the moments.

One of My Lease Favorite Things: Despite the water dripping effort, Tuesday night the one vulnerable pipe froze.  After a half a day of warming the bathroom walls, it began to drip again.  Fortunately, it just froze and didn't break.  Lesson: Let the drip be a drip not a minuscule drop.

I'm Thinking About: Ed and his disappointment.  

What’s For Dinner: I guess I'll have to do some quick planning to take care of the weekend at home.

A Favorite Photo:

On the lake there were these fantastic ice crystals
perched just on the surface and a couple of inches tall.
They look like down feathers.

Until Next Time-


  1. Sorry your trip was ruined! Go get some ice skates!

  2. So sorry to hear that Ed didn't get to do his race after all that training!! You look so cute out on the ice . . .

  3. Hi Kyle, You were on no reply and I couldn't find your email. That would be so fun if you worked on the Bible quilt. Let me know if you plan on it as I'd like to see you progress.

    So sorry about the snow in Texas!!