Sunday, August 23, 2009

In the Beginning

It all began when I was a new bride and we needed a "bedspread". The year was 1973. I went to our local JC Penney's store and down in the basement in the far corner was their tiny fabric department. At this time, polyester was the "queen of the fabrics" and cotton was the "sorry country cousin". I found what cottons I could and purchased a quarter yard of each. These were fabrics that looked like bandannas, gramma's aprons, or shocking curtains. I cut the fabric up into rectangles and sewed it back together in strips and made my first quilt. I called it Hit or Miss, an appropriate name for my quilting skills at the time.

I put a red sheet on the back, put in double batting, and tied it with red yarn. It sure was heavy, but it kept us very warm. Sorry to say, I don't have it anymore, but it did launch me into the wonderful world of quiltmaking.

It's interesting to look back at a beginning point, be it a hobby, a career, or a marriage. Life is a growing and changing process. We all have to begin somewhere. Don't make comparisons, just enjoy the ride.

Until next time*Kyle

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