Sunday, August 23, 2009

Getting to Know ME

I noticed recently on several blogs, the question: Name 5 Unimportant Things That You Love. Hmmm. Lists like this always challenge me. It's like if I don't answer it correctly, I'm not being truthful, if I can't think of 5 things than I'm shallow, and other times I just can't narrow it down. I might be missing something important.

So here are my answers to: Name 5 Unimportant Things That You Love (Not in any particular order of importance)

1. Netflix: I have 250 movies in my queue. This is the best service!
2. Keenes: My friends introduced me to this brand of shoe. They are so comfortable.

3. Making cupcakes. I am having such fun trying new recipes for these bite size servings of sweetness. The challenge, living where I do, is to adapt the recipe for the altitude.
4. Whole Foods: It's so much fun and so tempting to wander the aisles of a Whole Foods and seeing all the incredible and interesting food items and things they have.
5. The Smell of Fall: Have you noticed the change in the air. Fall is coming!

You'll notice I had to add one more.

*6. Saving Empty Spools: Each time I empty a spool of thread I save it in an old antique wooden box. The box contains 100's of empty spools that I have collected for about 15 years. Why? I don't know, but why not!

Until Next time- Kyle

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